Carlton Houtman

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I'm Chinese female :).
I really like Amateur astronomy!

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I am Ward from Alkmaar. I am learning to play the Bass Guitar. Other hobbies are Vintage Books.

Name: Gus Barth
Age: 20 years old
Country: Germany
City: Gro?Littgen
Postal code: 54534
Street: Lutzowplatz 19

Hello from Australia. I'm glad to be here. My first name is Franziska.
I live in a small city called Brimbin in south Australia.
I was also born in Brimbin 32 years ago. Married in August 2001. I'm working at the backery.

Hello, dear friend! My name is Darby. I am delighted that I can unite to the entire globe. I live in France, in the CENTRE region. I dream to head to the various nations, to look for familiarized with fascinating people.

Hi there! :) My name is Arden, I'm a student studying Educational Policy Studies from Patreksfjor?Ur, Iceland.

My name is Jurgen Bibi but everybody calls me Jurgen. I'm from Canada. I'm studying at the college (2nd year) and I play the Post horn for 7 years. Usually I choose music from the famous films :D.
I have two sister. I like Rock collecting, watching TV (Grey's Anatomy) and Singing.

My name is Tamela (40 years old) and my hobbies are Writing and Table football.

My name is Zandra and I'm a 28 years old boy from Barrit.