Aundrea Horsley

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I am 33 years old and my name is Robbin Dick. I life in Raufarhofn (Iceland).

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Hello from Netherlands. I'm glad to came here. My first name is Colette.
I live in a town called Wezep in south Netherlands.
I was also born in Wezep 35 years ago. Married in October year 2002. I'm working at the university.

My name is Roxanna and I am studying International Relations and Arts at Coroncina / Italy.

I'm Shannan and I live with my husband and our 3 children in Venetie, in the AK south area. My hobbies are Audiophilia, Rock stacking and Seashell Collecting.

Hi, everybody!
I'm Vietnamese female :).
I really like American Dad!

Hello! I am Hanna. I smile that I can unify to the entire globe. I live in Sweden, in the NA region. I dream to head to the different nations, to obtain acquainted with intriguing individuals.

My hobby is mainly Woodworking. Sounds boring? Not at all!
I also to learn Swedish in my free time.

Name: Joseph Lau
My age: 22 years old
Country: France
Home town: Perpignan
Post code: 66100
Address: 78 Rue Clement Marot

My name's Suzanna Llamas but everybody calls me Suzanna. I'm from Italy. I'm studying at the college (3rd year) and I play the Saxhorn for 4 years. Usually I choose music from the famous films :D.
I have two brothers. I like Rugby league football, watching movies and Model Aircraft Hobbies.

I'm a 40 years old, married and study at the high school (Industrial and Labor Relations).
In my free time I teach myself Russian. I have been there and look forward to returning sometime near future. I love to read, preferably on my kindle. I really love to watch Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother as well as documentaries about anything geological. I love Stone collecting.

I am Leandra from Grenilles. I am learning to play the Banjo. Other hobbies are Urban exploration.

I'm Otilia and I live with my husband and our three children in Caldarola, in the MC south part. My hobbies are Woodworking, Woodworking and Locksport.

My name is Roman and I'm a 20 years old boy from Rechberghausen.

My name is Elke from Warszawa doing my final year engineering in Business and Management. I did my schooling, secured 70% and hope to find someone with same interests in Sculpting.

I'm a 32 years old, married and work at the college (Biochemistry).
In my free time I'm trying to teach myself Hindi. I have been there and look forward to returning anytime soon. I love to read, preferably on my kindle. I really love to watch The Big Bang Theory and NCIS as well as docus about nature. I enjoy Rock climbing.

My name: Lamar Leonard
Age: 28
Country: United States
Town: Whitestone
ZIP: 11357
Address: 3916 Redbud Drive