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Welcome to the FOAM Revolution.

By serving as a ClinicWiki author, you are making medical knowledge accessible as part of the Free Open Access Medical-Education (FOAM) movement. You are improving medical education for trainees around the world. And you are solidifying your own knowledge of the literature on a core outpatient topic. We are glad to have you on board!

The process is easy, especially if you've ever contributed to Wikipedia.

1. Create an Account

The Clinic Wiki is open to everyone, but only members can make contributions. Start by creating an account:

Create an account

2. Choose a Topic

There are several ways to dive in:

(1) Choose a new topic from Our Draft Topics List

(2) Edit an existing published topic

(3) Contribute to the Discussion Tab of any topic. Mention articles, mistakes, formatting issues, or other thoughts for improving the page.

3. Start Writing

(1) Be concise

(2) Be evidence-based. (Everything should have a reputable citation and resource)

(3) Be clinically relevant. (Avoid unnecessary discussion of pathophysiology and epidemiology if it does not help clinical decision-making).

All new articles will come with a pre-formatted template that can serve as a guideline. Check out this example article to get a feel for how it works Remember: Be concise. Be evidence-based. Be clinically relevant.

In general, feel free to edit the template to best teach the material. For the sake of clarity, we want to maintain the core fields Learning Objectives and Key Teaching Points in every article.

If you click on the "Edit" table, you can edit like a document in Microsoft Word (this is called VisualEditor). If you click on the "Edit Source" tab, you can do a few more technical things using "wikitext." For more information on wikitext, check out the Wikipedia cheat sheet and Wikipedia markup rules.

How should I start?

Grab your old notes, a review article, or another clinical tool and start finding concise pearls that shape the way you practice.

Some suggested resources to help get you started:

- Your own personal notes!

- Your institution's guide for outpatient clinical teaching

- Annals of Internal Medicine "In The Clinic" series

- American Academy of Family Physicians Review Articles

- Recent review articles in NEJM, JAMA, and other core journals

- UpToDate and DynaMed

- NEJM Resident360 Rotation Prep

- Guidelines from major associations and organizations

- Show notes from your favorite Podcast

- Other Great FOAM resources

Editing Tips

How do I insert a citation?

You will need the PMID number, found on the PubMed loading page of the article.

In the Visual Editor Go to the Cite dropdown and select "Basic." Then Insert > Template > PubmedItem and type in the PMID number.

Check out the YouTube video for a demonstration.

How To Add a Citation on ClinicWIki

How can I link to a video?

In the Wikitext, type: {{#ev:youtube||400|right|Chronic Kidney Disease, The Basics|frame}}

You can replace the youtube video with the video you would like to embed and change the width, height, and title of the box as you see fit. Remember to only link videos that have a free license. (i.e. Don't steal from private sources)

How can I create a text box?

In the Visual Editor, select Insert -> Template -> Type "InfoBox"

- This is a great way to add a clinical pearl or other fun fact and let it stand out.

What information can I use? What images or graphics can I use?

All images and media used must have a license allowing for free or non-commerical use. These can be found at Wikimedia Commons or using search features on Google Image Search.