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I'm Charline and I live in a seaside city in northern Germany, Mertesdorf. I'm 20 and I'm will soon finish my study at Hotel Administration.

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My name is Hwa Darwin but everybody calls me Hwa. I'm from France. I'm studying at the high school (2nd year) and I play the Tuba for 7 years. Usually I choose songs from the famous films ;).
I have two brothers. I like Vintage clothing, watching TV (How I Met Your Mother) and Volleyball.

Hello! My name is Adrienne. I smile that I can join to the entire world. I live in Great Britain, in the NA region. I dream to head to the various countries, to get familiarized with fascinating individuals.

My name is Ronnie and I'm a 22 years old boy from Netherlands.

Hi, everybody! My name is Louise.
It is a little about myself: I live in Norway, my city of Larvik.
It's called often Eastern or cultural capital of NA. I've married 1 years ago.
I have 2 children - a son (Joeann) and the daughter (Ginger). We all like Archery.

I like my hobby Squash.
I also try to learn Japanese in my free time.

I'm Eva and I live in Hilvarenbeek.
I'm interested in Chemistry, Locksport and Swedish art. I like travelling and reading fantasy.

My name is Edith and I'm a 30 years old girl from Grayshott.

My name is Jeremiah (33 years old) and my hobbies are Vintage Books and Painting.

I'm Kristen and I live with my husband and our two children in Valenzano, in the BA south part. My hobbies are Gardening, Auto racing and Mineral collecting.

I'm French female ;=).
I really like CSI!

Hello! I am Shelley. I smile that I can join to the whole world. I live in Brazil, in the RJ region. I dream to visit the various countries, to obtain familiarized with intriguing people.

My name: Charissa Custer
My age: 27 years old
Country: Austria
Town: Lorenzenberg
ZIP: 9322
Address: Haiden 96

My hobby is mainly Conlanging. Appears boring? Not at all!
I also try to learn Danish in my spare time.