Superuser Root System Administrator And Superuser In Linux

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REF Cursors are cool. Apex unfortunately lacks the power to course of REF Cursors, or, extra accurately, you can not create report regions in Apex based mostly on REF Cursors. Since I needed to check the database's means to handle page views, moderately than IIS's potential to serve up static information, I changed the Apex page so that the usual Javascript and CSS information were not included. The following demonstrates one approach; it makes use of a Powerpoint file, but this system can even work with Word and Excel recordsdata. But even these could have been not noted to be able to simulate a scenario the place most customers have the files cached in their browser. Because of this all of the Apex pictures, Javascript and stylesheets can be loaded on every page hit, despite the fact that in reality they could be cached in the person's browser after the primary page view. The Apex photos folder (/i/) was arrange with "Expires"-headers (7 days) to permit browsers to cache pictures

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