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The original author (usually a resident) is the person that initially created the page. Their name will be forever tied to the page. They are responsible for the outline, the content, defining the original breadth and depth of the article and finding a faculty mentor to assist with the writing

Faculty Mentor

The faculty mentor's role is to ensure that the author's article contains all basic and canonical thoughts on a subject and can help identify resources that are helpful in the learning and teaching of a topic. These may include review articles, clinical pearls (with citations), or a general workflow for how the article should be structured.


The curator (usually a resident) is the person in charge of overseeing the maintenance of the page. Often, this can be the original author though not necessarily. The Curator's role is to ensure the page is kept up to date, that information is accurate, and to continually work on the overall quality of the page to attract users to find the information helpful. They can also work closely with the Faculty Mentor to ensure information is appropriate.


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