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== '''Current Articles In Press''' ==
== '''Current Articles In Press''' ==
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Clinic Wiki: The Resident-as-Teacher Notebook for Ambulatory Care

A free, open-access primary care teaching wiki. Created for residents, by residents. ClinicWiki is your primary resource for primary care.

Current Articles In Press


Chronic Kidney Disease


Knee pain

Shoulder pain

Current Articles Pending Review

Current Articles In Process

Community Acquired Pneumonia

Our mission is to create a national online education platform which enables resident teachers to develop and refine their teaching approach to primary care topics. Created by trainees in conjunction with content leaders, the wiki provides educators with key teaching points, pedagogical guidance, and access to innovative FOAM resources that are vetted by users. The ClinicWiki allows residents-as-teachers to focus on how to teach rather than what to teach. Ultimately, ClinicWiki will improve primary care education and hopefully clinical care.



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Other Great FOAM Resources

GoogleFoam Search Engine


Wiki Journal Club - summarizes and reviews landmark studies

TheNNT- quick summaries of evidence-based medicine

uKidney - Internet School of Nephrology


Life in the Fast Lane

Family Practice Notebook





The Curbsiders: Internal Medicine Podcast

Louisville Lectures

JAMA Clinical Review


Pediatrics Blogs

Don't Forget the Bubbles

Pediatric Emergency Playbook

Ped EM Morsels

PEM Cincinatti

Other Instution Resources

UCI Mini Lectures


We are grateful to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Institute for Excellence in Education, whose small grant program help make this project possible.

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Find us on Facebook and Twitter! Have comments, questions or suggestions? Use the Discussion Page or email us at theclinicwiki (at) gmail . com


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