The Government is preparing changes to the ‘only yes is yes’ law with Podemos on the defensive and the support of the PP

  • The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, and Vice President Yolanda Díaz are working on the reform in a “serious and rigorous” manner, according to Moncloa

  • Podemos denounces pressure from conservative sectors on the PSOE by law and adds: “Feminism is unstoppable”

  • The PP says that it will vote in favor of the reform in Congress and the Senate

From that part of the Government, the Minister of Social RightsIone Belarradefended again today, on Twitter, the norm and launched his accusations against “the judicial and media right” which he blamed for “redoubling the pressure”.

“Orchestrated” offensive against the law

Identical message from the Podemos co-spokesperson, Isa Serra, and the deputy Rafael Mayoral, who have denounced “a full-blown offensive” against the “only yes is yes” law, in their opinion orchestrated by conservative sectors that are “pressing” these days to “return to the previous model.”

What has been transmitted from the coalition government is that solutions are being addressed to the problems generated by the application of the law, which has already involuntarily benefited 270 convicted of sexual crimes.

To avoid new cases, the Minister of Equality is already working, Irene Montero, by way of “serious and rigorous”according to sources from La Moncloa.

The same sources indicate that the two parties of the coalition government, “in full tune”They are aware of the undesirable effects generated by the application of the law, with the revision of sentences for sexual offenders, and they want to contribute together to solve it.

Addressing this situation responsibly, as they have an impact from Moncloa, requires careful attention, because It is technically complex. Social concern about this issue is not hidden and is also shared.

The Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence, Angela Rodriguez ‘Pam’, has added to warnings that reversing the reform of the law would be “profoundly” harmful to women’s sexual freedom while lashing out at a “conservative minority” of judges who “flee” from the application of the law.

“The paradigm change of the Law ‘Only yes is yes’ is not a change of sentences but of schemes. It is about the judges changing the did you resist? for did you consent? Reversing this reform would be deeply detrimental to freedom of women”, the Secretary of State began by explaining.

No agreement for a valid solution

Sources from Podemos have added that “the Government has not stopped looking for formulas so that the law is applied correctly, sharing the social concern for the decisions of those judges who are deciding to reduce sentences. We continue working on it.”

“But to this day there is no agreement on a valid solution. The PSOE is under pressure to return to the previous model and that consent ceases to be the center of the penal code,” the sources added.

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