result and winning number today, Saturday, January 28, 2023

The La Primitiva draw today, Saturday January 28, 2023, It is already taking place and in a few moments we will be able to check the winning combination and the winning number.

La Primitiva is held every Thursday and Saturday from 9:40 p.m., one hour less if you are in the Canary Islands, and today it is played for a jackpot of 11.3 million euros.

How to play La Primitiva

play the primitive It’s very simple, you just have to select a minimum of 6 numbers between 1 and 49 to place each bet, which will cost 1 euro. Although, as in other games of State Lotteries and Gamblingyou have several options to play La Primitiva and thus have more chances of winning the jackpot:

  • Simple bet: They are those in which only 6 numbers are selected and there is a maximum of 8 bets in the same ticket.
  • Multiple bets: They are those in which more than 6 numbers are selected (with a maximum of 11) or 5 numbers per bet. Depending on the combinations chosen, the ticket price will vary.

But this is not all because with each bet you have the opportunity to participate in the joker, whose price is 1 euro more, and you can win up to 1 million euros. to play Joker from La Primitiva You just have to select the option to participate and a 7-digit code will be generated randomly with which you can participate in this associated game.

How La Primitiva works

In it raffle of La Primitiva the 6 winning numbers are drawn, a complementary number and a refund, the latter cannot be chosen, but the Central Lottery Systems assign it randomly. If you have hit this refund, you will receive the prize corresponding to the value of the daily bet.

La Primitiva Awards

The La Primitiva awards They will always depend on the number of participations that each draw has had and the existing accumulated jackpot. Although, there is always a total of seven prizes distributed as follows:

  • Special category: those combinations that match the six winning numbers and the refund. The prize in this case is 20% of the collection plus the accumulated jackpot
  • First category: for the combinations that have the six winning numbers and their prize is 40% of the collection
  • Second category: for those who match the five numbers of the winning number. The prize is 21% of the proceeds
  • Third category: for those who match four of the winning numbers and the prize is equivalent to 13% of the total collection
  • Fourth category: for those who have three numbers of the winning combination. They receive a prize of 8 euros
  • Fifth category: two numbers of the winning combination
  • Refund: the cost of the ticket is returned

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