Gavi saw the yellow card after a tough tackle, with his face!!

Gavi saw the yellow card in the 49th minute of the game against Girona after a hard tackle without the ball on Arnau. The Barcelona midfielder went under pressure as the local team left the ball to try to steal, but he overreacted, arrived too late and ran over the Catalan right-back with his face. Despite the hardness of the entry, the Blaugrana youth squad only saw the yellow card.

Alejandro Muñiz Ruiz understood that the action was worthy of a card but not a red card and from the VAR, Munuera Montero, did not call him to inform him otherwise. Gavi swept Arnau but does not hit him with his feet but collides with his head against the knee of the soccer player Girona.

Last week Ousmane Dembélé was forgiven the red card at the Camp Nou for a tackle on Alderete’s ankle, and a few days later Brais Méndez was sent off at the same stadium for an action identical to that of Barcelona’s French winger. Luckily for Xavi, Gavi’s action also resulted in a yellow card.

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