Djokovic, the number one ‘enemy’ of Spain

The end of australian open 2023 will have to Novak Djokovic Already Stefanos Tsitsipas as great protagonists, but Spanish tennis will also have its share in terms of dependence on one of the contenders. the future of Djokovic in this edition of the tournament played at Melbourne Park, which can only be as champion or finalist, will mark the circumstances of Rafael Nadal Y Carlos Alcaraz in the nearest future.

If Novak Djokovic lift his tenth championship title in the australian open, both Nadal and Alcaraz will suffer sporting consequences derived from the triumph of the Belgrade legend. Nole has it in his power to make history in a tournament that has been confirmed as his favorite among the big events on the circuit and despite the controversy in 2022, where he ended up being deported due to problems with his medical exemption and his unvaccinated condition from coronavirus.

Alcaraz, goodbye to number one

Beyond the title at the Australian Open, tsitsipas Y Djokovic they have at stake the number one in the ATP ranking. Before the start of the first Grand Slam of the season, both tennis players were part of the shortlist of candidates to succeed an injured Carlos Alcaraz at the top of the ranking. The premise was clear. Whoever wanted to be crowned number one had to win the australian open and both Djokovic and Tsitsipas have reached the last instance, turning the final into a power struggle with a double prize.

alcaraz will lose number one for sure, but the ascendancy of Djokovic in the circuit, as well as his status as a great favorite in practically all the tournaments that he disputes means that if the 2000 champion points they will end up in his pocket, the reconquest of number one by the Murcian tennis player will be even more complicated, whoever happens will come out as number two next Monday on the ATP lists.

Djokovic, for Nadal’s Grand Slams

But number one is not the only extra that can be taken Djokovic for winning the australian open. The Serbian tennis player with 282 weeks at the top of the ranking behind him (so far), will also reach Rafael Nadal in the historical top in terms of tournaments grand slams wins are concerned, in case of defeating Tsitsipas this Sunday at the Rod Laver Arena. Nadal has 22 grand in his record and distanced himself last season thanks to his titles at Roland Garros at the Australian Open itself. However, the injuries and the return to the highest level of Djokovic they have made the fight even after this Sunday, always in case Nole can knock out Tsitsipas in the final.

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