Condition to reform the law of only yes is yes: shield Irene Montero

«nothing is closed, although it has been talked about for weeks ». In these terms they are expressed from the direction of Can when asked about a possible reform of the law of the only yes is yes. The legal errors of the norm, which they privately acknowledge that there are, have already become a political battle -also internally-. And Minister Irene Montero and her number two, angela rodriguez Pam, are the pieces of big game. Their chairs are in danger. And Montero balances with his PSOE partners and with his Podemos colleagues to emerge unscathed. In the purple formation they will only accept a reform of the law yes Irene Montero is exempted from any responsibility for the botched job done so far. That is to say, that no one else blame him publicly for his mistake and, above all, that he put him in charge of the Ministry of Equality don’t endanger.

The party that leads Ione Belarrathat next to Pablo Echenique They came out this Saturday morning to denounce pressures”by the conservativesrecognize “social concern by the decisions of those judges who are deciding to reduce sentences. But, as until now, they focus their shot on the judges and their obligation to enforce the law in the terms that it is written. Zero self-criticism. They continue to defend their law and accuse the socialists and the opposition parties of “wanting to return to the previous model that did not protect women.” For this reason, they point out, “the substance of the standard will not be modified.” It remains to be seen, now, what is substantial.

Since the first sentence reductions and even releases were known, the PSOE urged Podemos to prevent this from happening. “The Government has not stopped looking for formulas so that the law is applied correctly,” say government sources. But until this Friday the purple ones refused to touch the text.

Despite initial promises of Pedro Sanchez that he was going to reform it -partly due to pressure from his party and social pressure- and the agreement between him and Yolanda Diaz as leader of Unidas Podemos to leave behind these weeks of sentence reviews. Díaz, in a cunning move before presenting her electoral project, tries to force her partner Montero to assume before the public opinion that she is ineffective in displacing Podemos and the minister herself in their electoral lists in Sumar. Hence, the purples want to protect the head of Equality.

The senior officials of Equality have maintained their silence until this Saturday afternoon, when Rodríguez Pam He has published a long message on social networks assuring that reversing the law “would be deeply detrimental to women’s sexual freedom.”


Montero’s closure, however, came to an end due to the imposition of a pact between the socialist wing and Díaz, leader of the purple ranks. Among what was agreed is that Montero herself is the one who directs the task of reviewing the standard -as she has advanced The vanguard-, but as OKDIARIO has learned, it will be the Ministry of Justice in which it oversees the entire process to confirm that the reform is effective and that it lacks legal holes for attackers to sneak in, as is the case with the current text.

So far, there are 277 rapists and sexual offenders who have benefited from the more lax interpretation of the Montero rule compared to the previous articles of the Penal Code. Despite the fact that Equality denied any error at all times, both Montero and other portfolio leaders have been acknowledging the failures and proposing patches, such as the proposal to grant telematic bracelets to the victims of released rapists for their control. Some of them have already threatened to harm their victims.


The truth is that Podemos has misapplied the decision of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchezto review the law of sonly yes is yes Promoted by the Minister of Equality. A review agreed with the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, which has stirred up the purple formation. They accuse Sánchez of allowing himself to be pressured by “conservative sectors» from the judiciary and the media and hint that they will not comply with the order.

The law that releases rapists and lowers the sentences for sexual offenders will be reformed after months refusing to do it by Podemos, author of the norm. However, he will do so without the approval of the purples, who have been quick to show their refusal to touch the law of the sonly yes is yes and to doubt that they are going to revise the standard.

“What we are seeing is an offensive against a law that is an unquestionable advance, and what we are seeing is pressure from conservative sectors that want to return to the previous model, they want to roll back consent. Our partner in the Government is suffering pressure to do so, but feminism is unstoppable”, assured the Equality adviser and second spokesperson for Podemos, Isabel Serra.

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