A young man arrested for the fatal double hit-and-run in Navarcles

The Mossos d’Esquadra have stopped this Saturday for the reckless homicide of a driver for allegedly run over deadly to two pedestrians in Navarcles (Barcelona).

The events occurred around 1:30 p.m. on Calle del Tèxtil in the Catalan town, when the young man ran over a man and a woman, of 72 and 77 yearsthat have deceased because of the accident.

As confirmed by police sources to NIUS, the accident could have been apparently due to the exit of the road tourismone of the causes they are investigating.

The driver has given negative drug and alcohol test. Hours later, the municipality’s City Council has reported what happened and has lamented the death of two neighbors.

“Today is a sad day for Navarcles. From the City Council we want to convey our condolences to the family. We also ask for the utmost respect for the victims and their families in such hard times,” they explained in a statement, in which they took the opportunity to ask for the “maximum respect” for the victims and their families in “so hard” times.

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