the trick of the Mossos to stop him on his return to Spain

  • The agents shielded the investigation against the risk that a leak would cause the footballer not to want to set foot on Spanish soil

  • The athlete announced his return to Mexico after his vacation, just after the victim ratified his complaint to the regional police

  • The Mossos then confirmed that Alves’s family continued to reside in Spain and waited until he set foot in Barcelona again to inform him that he had to be arrested.

when the footballer Daniel Alves he stepped on Spanish soil again, the alarms went off. The Mossos d’Escuadra They discreetly followed his movements, his matches with the Mexican Pumas and his messages on social networks with the sole interest of knowing if the athlete returned to Barcelona at some point. The reason was the will of the Sexual Assault Unit (UCAS) of the Catalan regional police to arrest him. On the table, the investigative unit had a complaint from a 23-year-old girl who claimed that she had been raped by Alves in the bathroom of a nightclub. The alleged assault occurred on January 30 and shortly after, the soccer player announced on social networks that he was leaving his vacation to return to the Mexican team that paid his salary.

At that time, the investigators already had the testimony of the victim, with the images obtained by the nightclub’s security cameras, with the testimonies of several local workers who confirmed the peripheral story of the girl, with the statement of the two women who went out to a party with her that night after having dinner at home, with the report signed by the emergency doctors of the Hospital Clínic that they had treated the young woman moments after the alleged rape, and with the certificate signed by the Mossos agents who that same night accompanied the young woman to the hospital.

However, time was playing against. On paper, the victim’s statement to the regional police was made on the afternoon of January 2. However, the footballer was fully aware that he had been singled out. The testimony of the complainant herself corroborates this when he explains that that same night, the Brazilian chef who accompanied him, specializing in food for athletes, sent them a message on a social network with his address. “for anything we need”.

In addition, only 24 hours after the event, the journalist Elena Burés published on ABC the first public information about the investigation against the athlete. In fact, the news even preceded the victim’s declaration before the regional police, but the agents were already aware of the fact after the protocol against sexual assaults was activated from the nightclub and after having accompanied the young woman to the hospital to be treated. . A) Yes, it was the hospital itself that first brought the fact to the attention of the duty court that there was in Barcelona that night, as established by protocol.

The same team that investigated the Igualada rape

With this on the table, Dani Alves left Spain between January 1 and 2, the date on which the victim formally presented the evidence to the Mossos. In that appearance, where the girl refused to go with her lawyer, the young woman left the agents in custody both the injury report and the clothes she was wearing that same night. In parallel, Alves was flying on his way to Mexico, as reflected in the messages on Instagram from the Brazilian cook who accompanied him that night. The same one who posed on January 1 in a photo dated in Barcelona congratulating the new year, and who later posted another on the third, this time from Mexico. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because you will be with me”, reflects the image of this companion, referring to a biblical psalm.

Since then, the investigation has been shielded, more if possible than usual, given the risk that Alves knew the bulk of the evidence against him and refused to set foot on Spanish soil again so as not to be arrested. The UCAS agents have experience in silence, since some of the most delicate judicial procedures investigated by the Catalan regional police pass through their hands. This discipline was experienced, for example, in the case of the brutal rape in Igualada, where after months of secret investigations, the agents arrested the culprit of raping, brutally assaulting, and leaving a young woman half-naked half-dead in a field outside a nightclub. .

In this case, there was a detail that reassured the investigators: the athlete’s family still resided in Spain, so it seemed clear that he would set foot on Spanish soil again if he was not aware of the mountain of evidence against him. The same day he left Spain, Alves announced on his social networks his return to Mexico to play with Club Universidad Nacional of the Mexican first division, known as the team of The Pumas of the UNAM. Then came radio silence on the case.

However, that return was precipitated by the poor health of the footballer’s mother-in-law, who lived with them in Spain. That caused Alves to return to Barcelona ahead of schedule, and that the agents were informed when the footballer set foot on Spanish soil again. At that time, the agents informed him that by protocol, he had to appear before the authorities to give a statement. Alves’ defense then agreed that the process be carried out in private, instead of the agents showing up at the player’s house with his family having a hard time. Finally, the mother-in-law of the former Barça player passed away last Friday.

As established by the protocol, Alves was transferred to the police station, where he was offered the opportunity to give a statement. Later, under the same regulations for cases of alleged sexual violence, he was brought before the courts. And it was there that the magistrate handling the case appreciated important contradictions and where the player learned of the evidence that the UCAS agents had gathered against him during these almost 20 days. The result of his statement was that the judge ordered provisional detention for him without bail. Something that his lawyers will try to revoke with separate resources.

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