The Lleida rapist assaulted 12 women on their prison leave

When he committed the first crime for which he was charged, Daniel Padial, the rapist of LleidaI was only 14 years old. In the summer of 1999, the Mossos accused him of assaulting at least six girls and he was admitted to a juvenile facility. He escaped from that center at the end of 2000 and in less than a week he committed two rapes and two robberies for which he was arrested. When he got a release regime, he took advantage of it for new violations and since he was not of legal age, he was sentenced to five years in prison and five more of probation. Then he Lleida rapist he enjoyed 10 prison permits in which he assaulted 12 women.

In 2001 he was authorized to go out, first accompanied by educators and then alone. During the ten leaves that he enjoyed between November 2001 and February 2002 assaulted 12 women. He was arrested again and he was not released until May 2008which was when he committed his last two rapes, in June and July of the same year. The first victim was only 16 years old, the second, 17.

All this despite the fact that the Catalan Ministry of Justice warned the Catalan Superior Prosecutor’s Office a year before his release that Padial was about to go out on the streets and that he was beginning to serve five years on probation. But it was useless, despite the fact that she had another process pending in a court in Sabadell (Barcelona) for harassing a young man from a juvenile center. Now, due to the Montero Law, the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia also warns in an order of her release.

It is normal that with this background, the release of the greatest sexual predator that Lleida has ever known has generated concern and uneasiness, especially among its victims. Now Padial is 37 years old and is once again released thanks to the Montero Law.

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