The craziest mania of Kim Kardashian with the clothes of her workers that shocks the networks

Kim Kardashian has a very crazy hobby that involves her workers and that has shocked social networks. The entire Kardashian universe is over the top, girly, and more than a little surreal. They are the queens of the exaggerated and that means that with them you can expect anything. We have seen them appear on social networks or in different public events, attracting attention. Their private life is just as glamorous and exaggerated as the life they expose, as Kim Kardashian has shown they are from another dimension.

Kim Kardashian has a hobby that involves the clothes of her workers

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The Kardashian family has grown in the eyes of millions of viewers. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and her appearance as Paris Hilton’s assistant and the mind of a mother, this clan of incredible women was the source of an entire empire. Kim was the first in the family to succeed, before the success of Kylie, the youngest millionaire in the country, and her sisters.

The money is part of the DNA of some women who have not hesitated to leave behind the world of the rest of mortals. Their bodies are statuesque, their long hair is part of their hallmark and time never passes for them. Kim is an icon who has rubbed shoulders with the big brands thanks to some heart-stopping measures.

The The life of this family has been broadcast almost live through the different reality shows that have made them millionaires at times. Thanks to that sum of money per program, advertising and their own companies they have been able to create an empire. Kim has not hesitated to show one of her eccentricities on social networks.

Your domestic employees they must dress in the same colors as their decoration. A way of combining and creating harmony in a house where there will be the spirit of these women in its purest form. It is not the only norm, when it comes to choosing staff, in addition to paying well and having details with their nannies, they require them not to be pretty, so as not to distract attention.

Kylie has been one of the last to look for staff to take care of her growing family and do it in the best possible way. She always meets her requirements and is available 24 hours a day to cover the possible commitments of the young woman.

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