PP and IU come together to kick out the socialist mayor of Casabermeja four months after the municipal elections

PP and UI have come together to kick off Casabermeja Town Hall (Málaga) to the until now mayor, the Socialist Jose Maria Garcia, due to the “lack of loyalty and transparency of the PSOE” and the constant “irregularities” of the municipal government. after a motion of censure, Antonio Artacholocal IU spokesperson, has been proclaimed this Wednesday the new councilor from Casabermejeño just four months after the municipal elections next May 28. Within two months the popular spokesman will take over.

It should be remembered that the PP declared the government pact reached with the PSOE last October to be broken and at the beginning of January the popular and IU announced the motion of censure to carry out “an emergency government” in which both formations they would alternate in the Mayor’s Office for periods of two months until the next local elections of 28M. The left-wing coalition will be the one to start taking the baton.

This Wednesday, the motion of censure it has gone ahead with seven votes in favor -of the five IU councilors and the two of the PP- and four against -of the PSOE-.

At the time the motion of censure was announced, the PP spokesman in the Casabermeja City Council, Pedro Hernándezspecified that it was the “decision, considered and agreed, is motivated by the need to provide stability to the municipal management given the lack of loyalty and transparency of the PSOE with us and with the neighbors.”

«From the PP we have worked with transparency and discarding the patronageMeanwhile he PSOE accumulates cases of irregularities for the benefit of their own interests,” he said at the time, while stressing that “the Asphalt Plant has been one more hoax, but its significance has motivated us to take this step.”

The PSOE does not understand the motion

The up to now ruler, Jose Maria Garcia Fernandez, He has insisted that his departure is something “incomprehensible” and has urged the PP and IU to “justify” the motion of censure and to “explain why they do this.” “Do not continue to lie to us in your statements, that they tell the truth and put on the table the reality of why they are making this motion of censure four months before the elections,” he demanded.

“We already know it’s about interests individualsinterests with certain businessmen that have been attacking this government team since we entered 2019, and we hope that everything will come to light,” he added.

The socialist has stressed that the PP broke “with the government team last October, which has taken it four months to close a motion of no confidence for four months of government where, incomprehensibly, we will have two months as a mayor and two as another ».

García Fernández has alluded to the situation that arises from having up to three mayors in this mandatehoping that the PSOE will repeat in the next municipal elections and thus “recover the government of Casabermeja, put sanity and continue with the change in this municipality.”

The socialist has also alluded to his mandate, which he has defined as “hard, complicated, with a pandemicwith price rise problems inflation… The management of this City Council has become very complex, as the two PP councilors know well, ”he has settled.

It should be remembered that in the last municipal elections, Adelante Casabermeja obtained five representatives, two from the PP and four from the PSOE.

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