“Hate impoverishes democracy”

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Morenohas transferred all its support to its counterpart in the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, behind the harassment who has suffered this Tuesday in the Complutense University by ultra-left radicals on the occasion of the act in which the president was appointed illustrious student.

Moreno has denounced the events on his social networks: “It is unfortunate that things like this continue to happen in our society. Hate and intransigence impoverish democracy. My absolute rejection. The University must be a space for meeting and tolerance. All my support to my partner Isabel Díaz Ayuso », she has maintained.

Escrache to Ayuso

Various associations of far left have come to the Complutense University of Madrid to protest against the act in which Ayuso was going to be named an illustrious student. The large deployment established by the National Police has prevented any altercation and the protesters have barely been able to advance a few meters from the Ciudad Universitaria metro to the vicinity of the Faculty of Information Sciences, where the Madrid president studied Journalism. Ayuso has defended that she will continue to go to what she will consider her “house” for her entire life.

The head of the regional government has stood up to the far-left radicals who have tried to boycott the event shouting “murderer!”, “terrorist!” and “cockroach!”.

PP support

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has condemned the “harassment of intolerants” that Ayuso has suffered in the Complutense. “I condemn the insults and threats of all those who do not respect freedom and coexistence,” Feijóo said on his social networks.

Numerous PP officials have used the networks to express their support for Ayuso, such as the Vice Secretary of Organization, miguel tellado, who has highlighted that “coercion, bullying and insults have no place” in society. «Tolerance, respect and the free exercise of the right to vote is the only democratic syrup that we must all prescribe. The public university and the street belong to everyone », he added.

The Interior spokesperson in Congress, Ana Vazquez, has asked where are “the left-wing feminists to condemn the attacks suffered by Ayuso”. «I don’t hear them», she has lamented her. For her part, the Basque deputy and president of Nuevas Generaciones, Bea Fanjulhas pointed out that he hopes that Minister Irene Montero “condemns the escrache to Ayuso.”

The PP senator and member of the Senate Board, Raphael Hernando, has stressed that they have seen “a brave” Ayuso who “does not cower before infamous insults and harassment, and who does not ask like Sánchez to vacate the streets to be able to go for a bike ride”, alluding to the walk of the chief executive by Valladolid. After assuring that it seems that this escrache has been “organized by Podemos and his cronies from Más Madrid”, he has asked for “freedom”.

The former spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo He has expressed his “support for the illustrious student” Ayuso: “Her little screams today are tomorrow’s rotten exclusives,” he has emphasized on his social networks.

For his part, the general secretary of the PP of Madrid, Alfonso Serrano, has lamented that “a radical minority of the left” intends to “assume the voice of all.” «’Ayuso pepera’, that was the problem. Not education, university or health. It is that Ayuso is from the PP. And that’s where it all comes down to, “he lamented.

The messages of support for the president of the Community of Madrid have also come from regional leaders of the PP, such as the Castilian-Manchego Paco Nunezwho has said that Ayuso’s “courage” “enlarges democracy”, or the Cantabrian Maria Jose Saenz de Buruaga, who has asked if this is the youth that “the left wants.” In his opinion, “in the face of intolerance, anger and hatred”, we must bet on “tolerance, respect” and “freedom”.

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