First Dates: Catalina is shocked to see her date: “She has impressed me”

One more night, Cuatro viewers were very surprised by the diners who came to the restaurant of First Dates looking for love On this occasion, Two of the diners who attracted the most attention were Catalina and Juanma.

As for Catalina, she arrived at the restaurant assuring that she has the feeling that any man would want to be with her and also, they have told her a lot. Secondly, Juanma entered the program explaining that he liked to make women feel good.

As soon as she saw him, Catalina was impressed with her date. The conversation between them quickly flowed naturally and the complicity was evident from the very beginning, even before sitting down at the table for dinner.

The two singles liked each other very much from the first moment, and they couldn’t wipe the smile from their faces. In this way, they decided to open up a little more with each other and reveal more personal details of their lives and their past.

Catalina told him that she had grown up in a humble family, but that she had known the life of luxury and that she did everything possible to have a good life and indulge in all the whims he could, while he really liked that they had similar lives and tastes.

At the end of dinner at the restaurant First Datesthe two seemed that they had just found what they were looking for and at the moment of the final decision they had no doubts, because both wanted to continue meeting on a second date away from the cameras of the Cuatro program.

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