‘Inside Out 2’ will be missing one of its main stars

Last September 2022, Pixar confirmed that the hit film Reverse would get a sequel. Amy Poehler, who gives life to the character of Alegría, gave the announcement of the long-awaited return of what for many is one of the studio’s best movies. For the moment, what we know about the continuation is that it will again have the feelings of a teenage Riley, although this time the story could surely delve back into the feelings of her parents. Unfortunately, the new production update bring for now, bad news. And it is that one of her main stars, apparently, will not return to continue putting her voice to a certain character from Upside down 2.

inside out 2
Mindy Kaling voiced the character of Disgust

Mindy Kaling, known for her role as Kelly Kapoor in The office, he will not put his voice to the character of Disgust again. The iconic, tremendously sincere role that prevented Riley, among other things, from making a fool of himself, will not be, a priori, embodied by Kailing. Something that the actress herself has recently told in an interview for The Wrap: “I had a great time working on Reverse and I’m sure that inside out 2 It will be great, but I’m not working on it.” However, from the media they report that Kapoor probably still does not know anything about the work around the sequel, because the project is at a very early stage. In fact, at the moment only Poehler is confirmed for the sequel that will arrive in the summer of 2024.

Everything seems to indicate that Kaling He still has nothing signed with the team inside out 2. But nobody thinks that the character of Disgust is not going to have an even more striking presence than in the original film, among other things because it is a predominant feeling in almost all adolescents. Meg LeFauve will rewrite the script, but in the direction there will be a major change, since Pete Docter leaves the director’s chair so that kelsey mann take over the implementation tasks. At the moment, not even the script is finished, so we will still have to wait to confirm the return of each of the original voices.

Kaling has an extensive career as a dubbing actress thanks to productions such as Wreck it Ralph! or the series monsters at work. She has also appeared in multiple comedies such as party to the end, Virgin at 40 Y Ocean’s 8.

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