The beautiful love story that gives meaning to kissing under the mistletoe

kisses under the mistletoe Who has not done it at least once in Christmas? Perhaps it is done in a strategic plan to find yourself under this specific decoration, or more “diabolically” hiding it in one hand and then raising it over the head of the desired person to be conquered in the love. And it is that behind this cute and fun custom there is something much deeper. This is the beautiful love story that gives meaning to kissing under the mistletoe.

The story of kissing under the mistletoe

Yes, kissing under the mistletoe is not a modern invention and It dates back centuries and centuries. Merit of the properties that are attributed to this plant, and that the Celtic populations of northern Europe already had in great consideration. First of all, it is good to clarify something that not everyone knows, namely, why mistletoe should be hung.

Because it is a plant that never touches the ground and grows only on the branches and tree trunks. The civilizations of past ages thought that it could have medicinal properties. It is no coincidence that there is evidence confirming that mistletoe was part of precise religious rituals. However, mistletoe can also be highly toxic.

Meaning and history of this custom

In the Nordic pantheon was the goddess Frigg, wife of Odin., the father of all the Norse gods. she was the goddess of love and protectress of lovers, and the mistletoe was one of their main symbols. Baldur and Loki were his two sons and represented good and evil respectively.

To protect the firstloved by all but obviously hated by his brother Loki, Frigg made everyone swear (animals, plants, etc. included) that nothing bad should happen to Baldur. However, the mistletoe was missing, which Frigg forgot to include in this oath. Loki later gave the plant to the blind god of Winter, who stabbed Baldur until Kill him.

The goddess Frigg cried over the body of his favorite son and his tears of pain turned into mistletoe berrieswhich allowed Baldur resurrect.

And so he decided to express his happiness by giving a kiss to anyone who passed under the tree with the mistletoe.. So kissing under the mistletoe symbolizes the eternal protection that a person wants to guarantee to someone who is special to him.

The advent of Christianity has incorporated many traditions pagans, including this one. And the mistletoe has thus become one of the typical emblems of Christmas, easy to associate with love.

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