‘The last socialist artifact’, the series that finally arrives at Filmin

The fall of the Berlin Wall changed the world and numerous films and series have reflected the situation in which the inhabitants of these countries found themselves. For example fictions like The Sleepers, The lives of others, Pes Generation, My Perestroika either Berlin is in Germany. The Serie The last socialist artifact it is one of the bets of the streaming platform Filmin to end this year With Self defense.

A brilliant and original series directed by Dalibor Matanic that won the Best Series award in the International Section of the Series Mania festival held annually in the French city of Lille in 2021. Filmin has just included it in its catalog this December and it can already be seen in Spain.

We already know the Croatian director Dalibor Matanic by his work in Under the sun and in this series he adapts the novel No-Signal Area by writer Robert Perisic. According to the synopsis of filming the series is “an elegiac immersion into the remains of a world where the working class, modern businessmen and old ideals continue to feed an economic system that devours itself.”

The last socialist artifact
The last socialist artifact

a complex story

The last socialist artifact bill the story of two characters, Oleg and Nikola, who from Zagreb arrive in a remote lost city in the Balkans. A small town in which only an abandoned turbine factory and two open bars remain.

The inhabitants of this small and lost city live in misery after the fall of communism and the separation of Yugoslavia. Oleg and Nikola decide to revive the factory that is now abandoned but that years ago was the center of the town’s work. The two intend to meet the order of a mysterious client.

The cast of The last socialist artifact

an original series of 6 episodes of only 50 minutes each starring a different character. Its protagonists, as the Netflix synopsis explains, are “false melancholic heroes, where Dalibor Matanić’s pristine direction elevates the series to new poetic heights, showing that a country labeled as “small” like Croatia can tell the full story of the ills of our time while maintaining a local essence.

The protagonists of The last socialist artifact are René Bitorajac (In crops of nobody) who plays the role of Oleg and Kresimir Mikic (No exit) who plays Nikola. Also in the cast of this series are actors Jovana Stojiljkovic and Izudin Bajrovic.

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