Brazil dances to Korea

Brazil took out all the marches that had been saved in the group stage to give a recital against Korea. The five-time world champion danced as she wanted to the seasoned Asian team, who had qualified on their own merits in extremis after taking the position from Uruguay. The canarinha swept with four goals in the first half bringing out a version that scares everyone.

It may have been Pelé’s message from the hospital, the reappearance of Neymar or the fact that the fans dyed the 974 stadium yellow on their last occasion celebrating a match in Doha, the fact was that Brazil played very plugged in from the first moment showing an unusual hunger.

So things, Vinicius was the first to open the account after a great individual play by Raphinha. The madridista debuted in the World Cup with a goal where he showed that he defines himself as the best. Shortly after, Richarlison took a rascal penalty to join Neymar to the party with a goal from 11 meters. It was minute 12 and the tie was already resolved.

To the sambadrome raised by Brazil Paqueta and Richarlison joined with goals in which Vinicius it was the generator thanks to its speed. The Madrid player was seen loose as on few occasions, being a nightmare for the Asian defense, which he could not even remotely match his speed while Neymar pushed him like a greyhound.

Brazil relaxed completely in the second half, even giving entry to the early retiree Dani Alves to add minutes in the appointment. Korea scored in the 77th minute the goal of honor through Seung-Ho making the elimination not so bitter after being devastated in the first half by the top seed for the World Cup.

This is how Brazil played

Tite opted for his Clásico 4-2-4 with Neymar playing with complete freedom of movement on the field. Their wingers Vinicius and Raphinha were a nightmare for a Korean defense that he couldn’t match his speed and skill. Brazil showed that they have a lot of dynamite up front, but that they can also have a hard time if they are pressured too high.

Neymar reappeared with Brazil. (AFP)

This is how Korea played

The Asians resorted to the classic 4-4-2 to try to play all their lines very close together. They had some occasions that allowed an Allison who is in a plethoric moment to show off so. Son, his best-known player, did not have his most clairvoyant day in front of goal and they paid for it with a win.

Korea improved in the second half, although insufficient. (AFP)

MVP: Vinicius Jr.

The madridista completed the match that many had been waiting for since before the World Cup. He was in all the sauces of the game ending with goals and assists on his account. Neymar understood him better than anyone to get the best out of his performance. Indeed, no Korean fought with him despite all the dribbles he completed. In Spain the same thing would not have happened even remotely.

Neymar is Vinicius’ best partner. (AFP)

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