THE TORCH | Iglesias believes that Sánchez will advance the generals

Today in THE TORCH, vincent gil analyze with Luis Balcarce Y Sergio Fidalgo a foreseeable advance of the general elections to the month of April. In Podemos they believe that Sánchez is thinking about it and they start the movements and tensions to, where appropriate, break the government coalition and make apparent differences with the PSOE simply with a view to the elections. Are PP and Vox ready? Ciudadanos has already imploded from within and in Genoa they are looking for a way to win over their voters.

Sánchez will repeat his most Frankensteineven if he loses to Feijóo, but adds with its partners. Four years of a new government of PSOE with Can, CKD Y bildu would suppose, in all probability, the beginning of a dangerous constituent process to change the territorial form of the state and, probably, knock down, incidentally, the parliamentary monarchy of 78. That is the project that leads Pedro Sanchez.

Opposite, the surveys mark a certain cooling of the Feijóo effect and lack of punch in the PPwhich has taken almost a week to announce a disapproval to Irene Montero. voxMeanwhile, he has his sights set more on the PP and than on Sánchez. A troubled river in the right, will Sánchez win again? Can Spain afford it? Will there be height of sights?

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