God save Bellingham

England met France in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in what for many may be an early final. The Three Lions tamed a Senegal that saw itself with possibilities in the first half and suffered the wrath of Jude Bellingham. The Dortmund footballer was a differential for Gareth Southgate’s team to put the game on track before the break.

The midfielder assisted Henderson in the first goal with a measured center that was a candy for the arrival in the second line of the Liverpool captain. In stoppage time, Bellingham fired up the bike to lead an electric counterattack in which Foden assisted Harry Kane at first touch. The Tottenham striker did not forgive in the one-on-one against Mendy.

In the second half, the finalist of the last Euro Cup did not lower the intensity piston ending up crushing the Senegalese with a goal from Saka after another worthwhile assist from Foden. The City player is performing at a very high level in this World Cup after starting as a substitute on the first day.

This is how England played

Southgate used his classic 4-3-3 formation, pressing Senegal’s ball out of the way high up. They played with great intensity during the 90 minutes making it clear that on a physical level they are the fittest team of the entire World Cup. The English are very clear about what they are playing for and the accident in the form of a draw they had against the United States seems totally forgotten.

harry kane
Harry Kane celebrates his goal against Senegal. (AFP)

This is how Senegal played

the african team He raised a battle in the midfield with five midfielders that fell on deaf ears. Aliou Cissé saw how his strategy fell like a house of cards, being forced to change three players at half-time in search of the goal of honour. Senegal leaves the World Cup with the feeling that with Sadio Mané things could have been different.

Mendy did not have her best day.

MVP: Jude Bellingham

Despite not scoring, England’s game revolves around this 19-year-old prodigy. The midfielder He dazzled with his vision of the game and with his skills with the ball at his feet. Harry Kane and company benefited from one of the footballers who is causing the greatest impact in this World Cup. Anyone would say that he has the age shown on his passport.

Bellingham celebrates his assists with the fans. (AFP)

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