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aladdinthe Disney classic turns 30 this same 2022. Premiered in Spain on November 18, 1993the tape is one of the classics of the golden age of the mouse house and together with Beauty and the Beast Y The Lion Kingare part of the lively culture of an entire generation that grew up in the 90s. Based on the popular tale of Arabian Nightswon several awards, including an Oscar for Best Original Score and Best Song (A Whole New World). At that time, the category of best animated film did not yet exist, but if it had, it could have become the most successful animated story on the red carpet. To celebrate his birthday, we review some of the most interesting curiosities of his creation:

The Oscar lost for the talent of Robin Williams

robin williams
Robin Williams in ‘Good Will Hunting’ (Miramax)

robin williams, who dubbed the genius, is well known for being a great lover of improvisation. So much so that at the end of the recording there were sixteen extra hours of material that to some extent was used in parts. In the final montage there was so much outside the original story that the academics decided that it was not eligible for the Best Adapted Screenplay category.

The color palette, a Disney classic

‘Aladdin’ (Disney)

To artistically identify the archetypes, Disney has always opted to use certain colors to encompass ideas. In aladdinred represents to evil (Jafar, the precious stone) while blue is identified with the good (Genie, Jasmine). Other characters combine several of these colors because their nature is not fully defined. Iago, who turns good in the sequel has part of the red and blue feathers of him. But even Aladdin himself has red elements in his wardrobe, such as the hat, since After all, he is a thief who wants to survive.

The first movie that asks you to clap

‘Aladdin’ (Disney)

In the first tests with the public, the spectators did not applaud after the musical numbers of the Genius. so someone (we cannot rule out that it was Williams) It occurred to him to put an applause sign for the charismatic blue character. The thing is, it worked and what started as some kind of joke stuck around. the final cut of the film.

breaking stereotypes

‘Aladdin’ (Disney)

Jasmin was the first Disney princess who was not white, later other exotic princesses such as mulan either Pocahontas, but she was in the 90s, quite a revolution. Likewise, the princes before Aladdin were all pretty flat and they were never the protagonist of the story.

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