Switzerland wins the battle against Serbia and seals its pass to the second round

Swiss he complied and did his homework, beating Serbian and will accompany Brazil to the round of 16 Qatar World Cup 2022 with respect to this Group G in a match of great rivalry that offered what was expected of him: tension, nerves and spectacle. The match promised excitement from minute 1, with a lot at stake for both countries. The pace was frantic and both teams were looking to quickly surprise their rival and take the lead, at least on the scoreboard. That was Swiss despite the initial scare with the whiplash to the stick of Zivkovic for Serbian.

Swiss began winning thanks to its leader, a xherdan shaqiri that did not fail in the definition after the gift of sow in the area, which received from Richard Rodriguez to the left. But Serbian He did not want to give up, it was difficult for him to shake off the initial blow but he was able to turn it around. First was mitrovic the one who executed the Balkan counter to perfection, a center of Tadic who finds his head for 1-1. shaqiri forgave and a Swiss mistake allowed Vlahovic turn the game around. Before the break, a player from Swiss who commanded shaqiri ended in a goal Plunger to pleasure after center of Widmer before the break (2-2).

After passing through changing rooms it was Swiss the one that turned the game around after another game. The Swiss play well and it shows when it’s shaqiri who runs them The midfielder chipped a ball into the area, heel of vargas forks Freuler the one who impales her to make the third and unleash the madness in Stadium 974 – Ras Abu Aboud. Despite the advantage Swiss did not slow down or shut up but was Serbian the one that pushed the most, although as the minutes went by it was diluted, losing itself in itself, aimlessly and leaving the triumph to a pleasure. Swiss who will be in the round of 16 Qatar World Cup 2022.

This is how Switzerland played

Swiss left some novelties in his eleven, the first kobel in goal, Schär in the rear and at the orchestral level, started a Xherdan Shaqiri very necessary in the approach and order of this Swiss group. He had a lot of personality at all times for the Swiss team, wanting the ball, pressing high and not backing down even when the score was in favor.

Switzerland Serbia
Switzerland celebrates one of the goals against Serbia. (AFP)

This is how Serbia played

Serbian could count on one of its stars, Vlahovic, which started at the start is something that was noticed in the Balkan team. Also kostic He started out in an eleven full of all the offensive power they have, logical based on what he needed: to win. Despite the many talented players, the Serbian squad is not as solid as could be expected, something that was evident in many moments despite its great potential.

MVP: Shaqiri

xherdan shaqiri He is the soul of this Switzerland and when he plays the rest shines. At his command, his country makes sense, it is the central axis at the offensive level and also covers the rest with the sacrifice and honor that he uses in each action. His was the first goal that opened the can and he participated in the elaboration of the other two goals.

Shaqiri celebrates the first goal for Switzerland, his own doing. (AFP)

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