left-wing political violence

The phrase “There is no better defense than a good offense”which is widely used in sports, is said to be taken from the work The Art of War, written in the fifth century BC by the Chinese general, military strategist and philosopher, Sun Tzu. In reality, that literal phrase does not appear in that book, but what it says is that “invincibility is a matter of defense, vulnerability is a matter of attack” and “defense is for times of scarcity, attack is for times of abundance”. What Sun Tzu explains is that you must first build a defense that makes you invincible and that only when you detect weaknesses in your enemy’s defenses should you go on the attack, if you value that you have sufficient means to achieve success. In sports, everyone understands that if you go on the attack like crazy, without having built a good defense beforehand, they will give you the octopus.

This is exactly what has happened to Irene Montero. As he only has a culture of varnish, good-looking but completely superficial, he stuck to the hackneyed phrase, believing that he could defend himself only by attacking, without knowing what that concept really means, and now he is receiving a well-deserved blow. Outraged and offended to see how, thanks to her law of only yes is yes the sentences of the rapists are being reduced, who have already begun to take to the streets thanks to her; she first decided to play the crying victim so that, once victimized and having received the support of her family, launch a furious and desperate attack on all who criticize her.

Irene Montero says that ensuring that she occupies her position because she is the mother of Pablo Iglesias’ children is political violence against her and against all women of the extreme left “feminists” and “democrats” and, after crying, she launches into the attack pointing the entire Vox bench as fascists. And since this desperate attack has not been enough to cover the daily release of rapists, she has attacked the PP a few days later, accusing it of “promoting the culture of rape”. Are the desperate bites of the wounded wolf who, without much brain, instead of fleeing to heal his wounds, tries to save himself by attacking the hunter.

It is ridiculous to see a representative of the far-left party that imported political violence from Argentina’s Kirchnerism that we in Spain were not aware of now complaining. Before Podemos, there were no escraches here which they described as “democratic syrup”. They were the ones who exercised political violence against Rosa Diez in the assembly hall of the Faculty of Politics of the Complutense, when Iglesias and Errejón did not want to let her give a lecture, going so far as to call her a “murderer”. A Cristina Cifuentes they spat at him, pushed, insulted and threatened to kill him when he was walking down the street, having to take refuge in a restaurant. to the vice president Soraya Saenz de Santamaria They set up the escrache at the door of his house, where his newborn son was. Rita Master he violently assaulted the chapel of the Complutense where he undressed amid shouts of “you will burn as in 36” and “we are going to burn the episcopal conference.”

Isa Serra has been convicted of violently attacking a policewoman in an eviction. The Vox followers they were stoned to try to prevent their rally in Vallecas. In the gay pride parade they threw urine, bleach and wet compresses at the supporters of Ciudadanos. begona villacis she was harassed and insulted two days before giving birth. A Isabel Diaz Ayuso the softest thing they tell her is IDA and murderess. These are just a few examples, if we tried to make a complete list of all the times that Irene Montero’s party has exercised political violence, the list would be even longer than that of the rapists who have already benefited from her legal reform.

But since all these acts of political violence carried out by Podemos are serious, none is comparable to the violence against the victims of ETA carried out by Pedro Sánchez, which has laundered the heirs of ETA by sitting down to negotiate with the political party that has in its ranks those convicted of terrorism, continues to refuse to criticize their murders and organizes tributes to the ETA members. To ensure his support, the Prime Minister has granted what ETA demanded in order not to assassinate Miguel Ángel Blanco, transferring to the Basque Government the powers of prisons and transferring all its prisoners there so that the PNV applies prison benefits to them, in what has already been baptized as a masked pardon. When it comes to political violence, the left has an iron fist and a glass jaw.

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