first woman to whistle a match at a World Cup

Stephanie Frappart has entered football history for becoming the first woman to referee in a world Cup masculine. He already made history in the match between Poland and Mexico for also becoming the first woman to serve as fourth referee. Days later she repeated it again in the Portugal-Ghana. Now, the words are much bigger and it is already part of the history books of the king of sports after being in charge of directing the match this Thursday between Costa Rica and Germany.

The French referee will always be remembered for starting the path for future generations. frappart, who will turn 39 in the middle of the World Cup (December 14), already has the best gift he could receive. His growth has been spectacular since she debuted in the league 1 in 2019 in an Amiens-Strasbourg. Since then, the famous referee has been breaking down barriers little by little: that same year she was appointed to direct the final of the European Super Cup between Liverpool and the Chelsea. Later, in 2020, he debuted in the europa league and then he did it too Champions League.

But the year of her consecration as an elite referee has been at the beginning of this season. On November 2, she refereed for the first time at real Madrid in Champions League before him glasgow celtic and demonstrated all her character, but above all her abilities as a collegiate. In the first part of the match, she called three penalties, all three well awarded and where she aroused the admiration of the world of football.

On the other hand, she also became the first woman to referee a match of Nations League in a match between Malta and Latvia. Now, she can already say that she is the first and only woman to have directed a game in what is the most important event in football: a World Cup.

won’t be alone

But Stephanie Frappart She will not be alone in this great football milestone. The French collegiate will be assisted by two other referees on the wings, one will be Neuza Back, from Brazil and another is Mexican, Karen Diaz Medina. It will be the Honduran referee, Said Martinez, who will be the fourth referee accompanied by the three women in what is one of the most important days of their lives.

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