The PSOE pressures Sánchez to remove Equality from Montero

Concern in the PSOE with the loss of votes that they may experience, in the coming months, due to decisions made regarding equality issues. The bulk errors in the law of yes is yes They are just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. A glass that was already on the verge of spilling over with a previous law promoted by Irene Monterothe trans law. For this reason, to stop this flight, several barons and leaders urge Pedro Sanchez to “recover the Equality powers” before the month of May. “They are our ideological flag,” they recall, and “we have given it away in exchange for who knows what.” The transfers of the president to Podemos, since he snatched the powers from carmen bald to give them to Montero, is one of the most criticized issues within the PSOE.

Specifically, what they are asking the general secretary of the PSOE is to dismiss the Minister of Equality. Something that he cannot do by virtue of what was signed in the coalition agreement in November 2019. Pedro Sánchez decided the socialist ministers and Pablo Iglesias the podemites And only they, although Iglesias is no longer in the Government, continues to pull the strings of the purple formation, can dismiss them. But in their hands, in the future remodeling of the Executive scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, there is the Possibility of moving Montero from department. It is what they want me to do, as a consolation, in the PSOE. Last Monday, with Sánchez absent from the Federal Executive, the issue was the subject of comment among some leaders.

With the changes that he will be forced to make, due to the departure of maroto kings Y Caroline Darias to be mayors of the PSOE in Madrid and Las Palmas, respectively, Sánchez will have to reconfigure the cabinet. And there “he has a magnificent opportunity to fix something that should never have been like this” they recall in the game. They refer to leaving the powers in the matter of Equality in the hands of Podemos. Although the president, except for what is happening these days with the law of yes is yes, who has “quite annoyed” him, is “satisfied and happy” with Montero’s work. Although he hasn’t always been this way. His outbursts, throughout the legislature, have caused him to be on the brink of dismissal on more than one occasion. Disavowals he’s had a few.

In the socialist leader’s environment they prefer “not to speculate” about what changes may occur during the next government crisis. His intention is for it to be surgical. Substitute the two departing ministers, giving entry to two new people, who “They do not necessarily have to occupy the same positions.” In other words, it can happen as in the two previous crises. That ministers who currently already occupy a portfolio change positions and these make way for the new ones. That’s where the relief of Montero would fit as they ask him in the PSOE. But, as always in decisions that affect only the president, no one dares to make predictions. «Only he knows what he’s going to doand perhaps not even that, ”jokes a Sánchez collaborator.

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