“We deserve to live without fear, with security”

The PP of Seville has demanded this Thursday an “urgent” modification of the judicial botch of the Montero law after asking 20 convicted by sex crimes of the province the review of their sentences. Given this fact, the popular secretary general in the Seville capital, José Ricardo García, has shown his “concern” about this regulation and has warned of the “dire consequences” of the entry into force of the Law of ‘only yes is yes’.

«Sevillians, like the rest of society, They deserve to live without fear and safely, backed by laws that look out for the victims and look out for social peace and the protection of people”, García pointed out and collected his political formation in a press release. «This law had many deficiencies from its inception. However the PSOE and its partners Government They decided to go ahead despite the warnings,” he added.

The provincial general secretary has indicated that “we regret that the Government of Pedro Sánchez and the groups that support him have rejected the motion of the PP in the Senate with which we only wanted to correct the enormous legal error that this law». Now, once launched, “the damage has already been done and we can only see how everything we warned about comes true”, she has sentenced.

Along these lines, he has predicted that “soon, we will witness a trickle of convicts benefiting from this Law in the province” and added: “It is in the hands of the Government redirect this situation, react and modify this text that brings nothing but injustice for the victims and insecurity for the whole of society”. Lastly, he pointed out that “this Law is a failure, it is an example of how it governs Pedro Sanchez from frivolity, ignorance and partisan interests of their own acronyms and those of their government partners.

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