This is how Bill Gates and Elon Musk spend their weekend to be productive on Mondays

Billionaires Elon Musk and Bill Gates have revealed their best kept secret, the way they spend the weekend to be productive on Mondays. Most mortals are genuinely afraid of Mondays, when the post-weekend slump hits. But they have the trick so that there is no such slump that we receive first thing on Monday. Take note of how Bill Gates and Elon Musk spend Monday over the weekend to start the week with a lot of energy.

Bill Gates and Elon Musk spend the weekend like this to be productive on Mondays

Weekends for millionaires aren’t so different of those of the rest of the mortals, but rather that they can be almost the same. Bill Gates washes the dishes himself, with billions in the bank he could have a person who will only go to that, although he prefers to do it himself.

The family is an important pillar from Musk and Gates, who claim they are the main key that makes them energized. Therefore, they spend a large part of the weekend with their closest family. A way to take advantage of every second and enjoy those who love the most.

The activities they like the most are on the to-do list of the weekend. Gates plays bridge and takes long walks. He loves the simplicity that a peaceful weekend gives him in an environment in which he has created healthy habits with his entire family.

Before the weekend Bill Gates and Elon Musk finish their homework

It is easy to get to monday well with controlled tasks. Leaving something to do on Friday generates some anxiety that can be eliminated with proper day-to-day planning. It is important to have everything ready in advance. Sunday is a day in which they are also dedicated to planning, making the whole week flow.

A good planning also influences to generate and manage a business millionaire like these famous businessmen. What they have achieved makes them owners of half the world with million-dollar companies of which we are all users in one way or another. Musk and Gates know very well how to take advantage of their free time.

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