The macho insults to Montero monopolize the budget debate in Congress

  • PP and Podemos hold each other responsible for the verbal escalation in Congress and Echenique calls Cuca Gamarra “very hypocritical”

  • The popular believe that the purples have asked for it and remember the words of Iglesias against Ana Botella

  • A Vox deputy once again utters insults against Montero and says that the PP causes him to “vomit from my mouth” for being “lukewarm”

Day two in Congress and the quagmire spreads. It did not matter that what was being debated this Thursday was the most important law of the political course, the General State Budget. The macho insults to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, have continued to resound in the chamber, monopolizing a plenary session in which The least important thing has been the accounts for next year which has forced the vice-president of Congress, Alfonso Rodríguez de Celis, to use himself to the fullest, crossing out as if there were no tomorrow the insults of the session newspaper.

The deputies of Vox, far from furling the sails, they have climbed one by one to the rostrum to ratify their attacks and add fuel to the fire. “We are morally superior. Left-handedness is fought head-on,” Onofre Miralles boasted, sticking out his chest.

This while PP and Podemos were beaten on account of this episode. The spokesman for the purple motion, Pablo Echenique, spoke of “garbage”, “vomit discharge”, “presa dogs” and “macho hunting”. Later he has charged against the popular ones whom he has blamed for the insults.

We are morally superior. Left-handedness is fought head-on (Onofre Miralles)

“They would not have existed without the collaboration of the Popular Party,” Echenique pointed out for later qualify as “very hypocritical” the attitude of the number two of the PPCuca Gamara, for showing solidarity with Montero yesterday via tweet when she herself had referred to the minister as “childish” and “immature” and one of her deputies had called her “useless” just two days ago.

“This episode has served to place each piece in its place and all are portrayed,” said the purple spokesman.

Minutes before Gamarra pointed to Pablo Iglesias for “making the same accusations” against Ana Botella and behave like Vox with their attacks on Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Rita Barberá or Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. The PP’s Twitter accounts have replicated those statements by Pablo Iglesias from a few years ago to conclude that it is Podemos who is to blame for the mud.

“Unfortunately it is not new. It is one more chapter of what the arrival of Podemos in Spanish politics meant”stated Gamarra in a television interview in which he has avoided assigning any type of responsibility to the extreme right.

“Tepid gentlemen, in the face of communism we teach you this (sticking out your chest) and your partners this (pointing to his neck). Come here we are because there is a Spain that resists being assassinated“, harangued the Vox deputy.

The left closes ranks with Montero

The parliamentary groups attended this new ‘performance’ by Vox, stunned and jaded, which for days has been striving to be noticed. The word that was repeated the most in the corridors was “indecent”.

Second Vice President Yolanda Díaz, who last week was harshly reproached by the purples for not having stood up for Irene Montero in the midst of a political storm due to the unwanted effects of the ‘only yes is yes’ law, this Friday “absolutely” condemned Vox’s attacks. “In politics, not everything is worth it. Enough is enough,” he stressed before the microphones of Congress.

In politics, not everything goes. Enough already (Yolanda Diaz)

The PNV spokesman, Aitor Esteban, spoke of a “task of death”, and Gabriel Rufián, who already came out in defense of Montero this week, assures that the extreme right “is going after her because she is a woman, from the left and from the class worker”.

All while in Congress they still can’t find the key to stop this escalation of insults and tension. They study to move an institutional declaration of condemnation promoted by Podemos. It will not be possible because Vox will not agree and their votes are essential for it to move forward.

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