the fair where you can taste the most delicious palm trees in Madrid

If yours is sweet and just thinking about one chocolate palmerita You already start to salivate, we have found the fair that you cannot miss. This fair is held in Morata de Tajuna and is known as the Palmerita Fair. A tribute to its handmade palm trees and, of course, to chocolate. Do you want to come over? We tell you all the details here!

The Palmerita Fair: When is it and its activities

The Palmerita Fair is celebrated the December 10 and 11 in Morata de Tajuña and it will be the fifth edition of this event that celebrates the Morateña chocolate palmeritas. On Saturday, December 10, the opening hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Sunday the 11th it will remain open from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

This is a fair to which it is better to go hungry and the delicacies of the different workshops in the area will not stop coming out. Surely they do not last long on the counter and it will be impossible to resist taking a good bite of their chocolate palm trees. The bakeries and artisan pastry shops of the area will come together for this occasion and surely visitors are going to lick their fingers with their proposals for little palm trees.

In addition to good food, there will also be a real party, ideal for spending a sweet day with the family. Bouncy castles, brass bands, children’s theater and even magic animations These are some of the activities that you can see in the area during the weekend.

The fair will take place in the main square of Morata de Tajuña and the establishments will be able to have counters in the square and will also keep their stores open for the occasion. You can taste all varieties of icing and chocolate and keep your favorites to enjoy its artisan flavor like never before. Just thinking about them already makes our mouths water!

The chocolate palm trees, the great protagonists

The workshops want to transmit their passion to the townspeople and visitors who give the fair a chance with more than 120,000 units sold for the dates. In addition, one of the most anticipated moments of the fair would arrive on Saturday morning and it would be the distribution of the giant palm treewhich is made by the Torre pastry shop.

This giant palm spreads out and leaves no one indifferent, not only because of its size, but also because of its exquisite flavor. Surely many would be encouraged to have a good bite just by seeing it, so it will be a good time to go to the fair and enjoy all the activities prepared for young and old.

The chocolate and icing palms They are a traditional sweet with a lot of history. Its traditional preparation, the ingredients used and the baking are essential steps that achieve aA delicious palm tree, with a crunchy touch and full of flavor. In this fifth edition of the fair, traditional sweets and their flavor are honored in style, so if you are a fan of them you cannot miss them. Surely you repeat year after year!

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