the drama of the artist at not being able to return to Venezuela

Carlos Baute has become one of the most internationally known Venezuelan artists. A musical career that has been carved little by little over the years and for which he had to sacrifice many things. In fact, one of them was having to leave his life in Venezuela in order to seek better opportunities in other countries.

A decision that he made 22 years ago and that was most fruitful for him, since our country was one of those that welcomed him with open arms. Likewise, and despite having to live far from home to be able to forge his musical career, the land in which we were born and raised is never forgotten. For this reason, Carlos Baute announced that he would return home to offer a special concert this November 27 at the Eurobuilding Hotel in Caracas, the country’s capital.


However, the interpreter’s plans Who loves you like i do They have not turned out as expected. Unfortunately, this concert will not be able to take place because his passport has not been renewed and he will not be able to travel to the country. Terrible news that the artist has communicated through his completely devastated social networks.

Likewise, Carlos Baute has been accused of wanting to obtain only an economic benefit from said concert, Nothing could be further from the truth. The artist has been very forceful and has indicated that his greatest desire and illusion is to be able to sing with his people in his land after so long.

«A long time ago I announced that I was returning to sing in my beautiful land of Venezuela and during this time I have not wanted to announce anything else because I was waiting for what would happen to my passport. Unfortunately my passport could not be renewed.” started explaining.

«We are all Venezuelans, it does not matter if we are inside or outside. Let’s not criticize each other anymore”Baute pointed out. “I wish that one day returning to our country is an act of total happiness and not a moment that generates hatred, Whoever went looking for a dream is as brave as the one who stayed fightingWe are all part of this great country,” he said.

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