A 70-year-old man puts 8 mastiff puppies in a sack, beats them to death and throws them away

Agents of the Civil Guard A 70-year-old man has been arrested in Alcalá la Real, in Jaén, for allegedly having placed a litter of eight mastiff puppies in a sack to beat them to death and then throw them away.

The Civil Guard investigate this resident of Alcalá la Real (Jaén), who was discovered thanks to the fact that the animal protector animal force report to the Civil Guard having located eight dog puppies, mastiff breedin a organic waste containerlocated next to a supermarket in the aforementioned town.

The proceedings were transferred to the Nature Protection Servicechecking the agents, that it was eight puppiesof which six were dead, one seriously wounded and one uninjuredaccording to veterinary report.

The steps taken by components of the seprona have resulted in the investigation in judicial proceedings of this neighbor as the alleged perpetrator of a crime related to the protection of domestic animals.

Abandonments in Huelva

The abandonment figures in the province of Huelva during the months of July and August according to the data collected through the Provincial Animal Center managed by the Diputación de Huelva amount to 106 new dogs housed in the provincial enclosure. On the other hand, the numbers of adoptions in the same period by associations and individuals (44), recoveries by their owners (two) or shelters (three) amount to 49 animals, an insufficient number that causes the Center’s habitats to be up to date. today almost at the limit of its capacity.

For this reason, the provincial institution has appealed through a statement to raise awareness and awareness on the part of citizens regarding the responsible ownership of pets, in favor of one of the main objectives of the Provincial Council in this matter: achieve zero abandonment in the province. Citizen participation is undoubtedly the key to fighting against the problem of abandoning pets.

In addition, the Environmental Service of the provincial entity places special emphasis on the importance of responsible adoption, with the obligations that this entails, since “having an animal is not a whim but we are talking about one more member of the family , which gives unconditional affection and affection, and it is the responsibility of their owners to care for them, identify them, vaccinate them, sterilize them and above all not to abandon them”, as pointed out by the deputy for the Environment, Rosa Tirador.

Each month, the flow of new animals into the Center is continuous, to which all the health care and care necessary for their well-being are provided while they are looking for a suitable home. From the Provincial Animal Center there is essential dissemination work through social networks of numerous associations and animal protectors in the province that encourage the adoptions of many of these animals, in addition to carrying out campaigns in the press to promote adoptions. as well as specific campaigns on key dates such as the Christmas or summer period.

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