A shooting in a mall in the US leaves at least 10 dead

Police in the US city of Chesapeake, in the US state of Virginia, have announced a shooting at a big warehouse in which at least 10 deaths and multiple injuries have been recorded, as detailed by local authorities.

At around 10:20 p.m. local time, Chesapeake Police officers were notified that a shooting was taking place at a company warehouse. Walmart. After entering the store, they discovered several dead and injured people, although a precise number of deaths has not been disclosed so far, the first reports speak of at least 10.

The latest report states that a person had entered the store at shoot people and that she would be among the dead. Meanwhile, no policeman would have fired during the response.

Chesapeake authorities have asked the neighbors stay away from the store during the investigation. “Our rescuers are well trained and prepared to respond; please give them space to do it,” said the official account of the city in a message on its Twitter account.

Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas has said she is “absolutely heartbroken that the latest mass shooting in the United States occurs at a Walmart in the district in ChesapeakeVirginia tonight. “I will not rest until we find solutions to end this epidemic of gun violence in our country that has claimed so many lives,” he posted on Twitter.

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