Llombai receives its new inhabitants after 45 years abandoned

  • Three houses have been occupied by two couples with children and a third by a British woman

  • The town council of Vall de la Gallinera, the municipality to which Llombai belongs, has had to put the public lighting back into operation

  • Stefan Gregor, a former Nazi, was its last inhabitant

the streets of llombaia small town that belongs to the municipality of La Vall de la Gallinera (Alicante), have come back to life with the arrival of a dozen neighborsafter the last inhabitant left in 1977, becoming one of the long list of abandoned towns in Spain.

After years of neglect three houses have been inhabitedtwo of them with young couples with children and a third, by a woman from the United Kingdom who has inherited the house that her mother bought decades ago.

With the arrival of the new inhabitants, the council has had to put on public lighting to give light to the population at night. For a few days several solar streetlights, as part of the council’s commitment to energy sustainability, illuminate the streets.

Another of the illuminated streets of the town

Another of the illuminated streets of the townVall de la Gallinera Town Hall

A Nazi, the last inhabitant

In 1977 he passed away Stefan Gregorthe only and last inhabitant of Llombai at that time.

Gregor, of Yugoslav origin, was born in 1914 and came to the town in the late 40s.

This passionate about art, with an eccentric character, has been the subject of several journalistic investigations that suggest that he was a old nazi who went into hiding in this small town cut off from the world after the conclusion of World War II.

However, Gregor preferred the mountains to the beach and the silence to the bustle of the seaside town.

In fact, in his primewhen there were more than a dozen inhabited housesthe town did not have a school, doctor or church, as explained by the Vall de la Gallinera town hall, which assures that those residents began to leave the town due to isolation and lack of work.

Now, 45 years later, the first settlers of Llombai they enjoy nature that surrounds this town and the tranquility of its streets where some voices are heard again.

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