Confederal, colonialist, de facto anti-religious republic

The president of Madrid asked and wondered last Monday, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, verbatim this: “What is behind what Sánchez is doing?” And she answered herself this way: “A de facto secular federal republic.” Listening to her, this chronicler thought that she really fell short of her appreciation. He would rather venture that the project of this heartless politician who still governs us is to convert the Regime of the 1978 Constitution, into a de facto confederal, colonialist and anti-religious republic.

The truth is that neither in the case of Ayuso, nor in my own interpretation, Sánchez, despite his wishes, has invented anything. Because remember this: Do you know how his party (if it still is) the PSOE presented itself to the first and second elections just inaugurated the transition? Well, he defended that our country, literally, was not a nation but a “Confederal Republic of the Iberian Peoples”. And on top of that, with the capacity for each of these “peoples” without exception to leave the said republic at will, without any obstacle being placed on them. Now Sánchez -if Ayuso is right, which he does partially- intends three things: one, to replace the constitutional Monarchy with a republic; two, to modify the unitary, but autonomist State of right now for another euphemistically “federal” one in which, with certainty, everyone can choose freely, without obstacles, their permanence or flight from it; and three, liquidate non-denominationalism and introduce a rigid and radical secularism more similar in practice, as we are verifying daily, for a de facto anti-religion, that is, incompatible with any external sign of exercise, even with the peaceful coexistence of the State with any confession.

We can still add to this list of objectives, a fourth. This one: an imperialist and colonialist impulse because, the speaker was right there: “These (for the independentistas) are not going to settle for what they are going to be given, they will demand cessions to the point of trying to take over other territories” . Obviously, he was referring to the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands in the case of Catalonia, and to Navarre and I don’t know how many other pieces in the case of Basque hypernationalism.
Some of the attendees -a legion- to the act of Ayuso in the 21st century, discolored the importance of his messages with this triple accusation: “This is more of the same”, “he gets into national politics, which is not his responsibility »and «presents an apocalyptic panorama incompatible with reality». He said it at the same table that the chronicler was endorsed, an ambushed guy who, with all certainty, was going to leave the act quickly to inform his biggest partisans what had happened. In her bumbling clumsiness, she did not even find out that Ayuso herself had responded to a question about the extent of her complaint to Sánchez, arguing that “Madrid is the capital of Spain and, therefore, it is up to her to defend constitutional values” . Hours before the president’s intervention in this forum, it was already anticipated that this time, despite what the idiot later sentenced, it was not “going to be more of the same.” Because, let’s see: can it be said that an intervention in which Ayuso encouraged the Spaniards not to fall asleep, to act because “nobody is going to help us” and to denounce that “Spain is not giving up, nor on sale?”. What Ayuso really did last Monday is remove the consciousness of his compatriots to, as Jorge Bustos rightly said: “Remove her from the state of narcosis in which she finds herself.”

Minutes after the president finished her speech, Pedro Sánchez’s bricklayer, the poor minister Bolaños, came out of the arena to announce that, after the elimination of the crime of sedition from our Penal Code, the crime of embezzlement was coming, also to the side itself to be relieved of our legality. This is not called anything other than the dismemberment of Spain. At this rate, Sánchez is going to agree with his criminal partners and philoterrorists, that the State not only ask them for forgiveness for their reply to the 2017 insurrection, but also that it compensate the seditious for having put them in jail for a crime disappeared with retroactive effect. This, you will see, Sánchez is going to do because for him the time has come to abandon the hot cloths, to “go for all” as he threatened just after the summer.

With this purpose of also attaching embezzlement to his attempts to please Catalan criminals, Sánchez is selling among his own -the dumbest or coffee growers- and others -the most naive fellow travelers- that he does everything for the pending normalization of the Basque Country and, of course, Catalonia. But since everything in him is a clamorous lie: his only intention is no longer to remain in power, but to perpetuate himself in it, because, keep this warning in mind, his model is to favor the possibility of running again and again for the Presidency of the Government of the nation without ANYBODY being able to avoid it. Sánchez is already of the ilk of any Caribbean dictator, even murderers like Maduro, Kirchner or Ortega with whom, incredibly, the old man Biden, who is sitting in the White House with courage, he too, to repeat, is embarrassingly making out nose. For all this, for the advances, announcements and complaints made this past Monday by President Díaz Ayuso, it was not her intervention, as the aforementioned quince disqualified her, “one more”. It was the anticipation that is coming our way in a country I don’t know if happy, but confident in which we are certainly drugged. No one is going to help good people to get rid of this auger of freedom. In other words, to take it into account! and that each stick hold its candle. In the trench that touches him.

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