Joe Jonas and Khalid publish ‘Not Alone’, main song of the movie ‘Devotion’

last november 11 Joe Jonas unveiled the release of his new single, a song under the title of not alone which will be the theme song of the new war movie from Columbia Pictures. It is a film titled devotion It will hit theaters on November 23.

As for the song by Joe Jonas, it is a subject in which the American artist has had the collaboration of Khalid. In this way, both artists join their voices in a song that is now available on all digital platforms.

devotion It will be released in theaters worldwide on November 23. This is a film starring Jonathan Majors, Glen Powell, Christina Jackson, Thomas Sadoski and Joe Jonas, who in addition to performing part of its soundtrack also redevelops his facet as an actor.

The film tells is based on a true story. It tells of the unbreakable friendship between two of the two elite fighter pilots of the US Navy, most decorated of the Korean War, Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner. A movie that is based on the successful book of the same name.

Regarding the musical contribution of Joe Jonas to the soundtrack of the film. It was director JD Dillard who contacted the artist and producer Ryan Tedde.r to compose the theme. They both got down to work and the result pleased so much that not alone it became the film’s theme song.

Ryan Tedder and Joe Jonas created this song with the help of producer HARV and Khalid. A theme that stands out as a high point of the film, accompanied by a piano and an epic orchestration, which has come along with a spectacular video clip.

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