This is how the classification of the F1 World Cup 2022 remains after the Brazilian GP

George Russell and Mercedes they achieved their first victory of the season in this Brazilian Grand Prix in which it is the penultimate appointment of the year. Although Max Verstappen he was champion several weeks ago, second place is still up in the air and it will be like that until the last Big prize to be held next weekend in Abu Dhabi. This second place is held by charles leclercwhich today was fourth o Czech Perez, seventh. With this result, the differences are adjusted more if possible and it will be the Arab country who decides the world runner-up.

With the race this Sunday in Brazil, Max Verstappen already has 424 points, very far from charles leclerc who has achieved sorpasso a Czech Perez. Now there are 287 points for the Monegasque, compared to 286 for the Mexican driver. There is an appointment and everything is to be decided. By Carlos Sainzcontinues one more week in sixth position with 227 points, seven points behind Hamilton, with 234. Regarding Fernando Alonso, the Asturian and his fifth place in the race this Sunday, is only five points behind his teammate Stephen Ocon. 81 points for Spanish and 86 for French.

Drivers’ World Ranking

Classification of the F1 World Cup after the Brazilian GP.

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