Thousands of people in 17 Spanish cities demand “political will” in the face of the climate crisis

  • “In the face of climate change, let’s change the model!” Some 1,200 have claimed in the center of the capital

  • In addition to Madrid, mobilizations have been carried out in 16 other Spanish cities

  • This decade is key, we must move to models without fossil fuels, in a fair and democratic way, say the participants

The central demonstration took place in Madrid, in which, according to the Government Delegation, a 1,200 people, including representatives of more than fifty organizations that are part of Alianza por el Clima. The march has started around 6:00 p.m. in Atocha to end in Plaza de Colón.

“In the face of climate change, let’s change the model!”has been read at the head of the demonstration in Madrid, which has taken place in the rain, despite what the participants have called “climate justice now” and have recalled that there is still time to act.

Attendees have also carried signs with messages such as “defend the climate, defend the people”, “stop CO2” or “Climate crisis = Human Rights crisis”.

Social organizations have thus denounced the “lack of ambition” that governments are showing at COP27 and that “is condemning the planet to global warming well above 2 degrees Celsius”.

Specifically, the Executive Director of Greenpeace Spain, Eva Saldanahas lamented, in statements to Europa Press, that large companies and governments “are continuously accelerating the pulse to continue benefiting from obscene figures of money” while “delaying climate action”.

In his opinion, this is what is happening at COP27, where it has made it ugly that “new financing mechanisms are not being created so that the countries of the global south have paths for decarbonization” nor is it “taking into account the valuable ecosystems that are being lost”.

“In the face of this, we demand responsibilities,” he added, to stress that there is still “completely time” to act. “It is important that the commitment of the 1.5º of Paris remains alive. The solutions are on the table and they must be implemented with political will”, she asserted.

On the other hand, he has criticized the climate denialism of the president of the Community of MadridIsabel Diaz Ayuso, to which he recalled that “there is more than enough evidence” of this problem, as seen in the “monstrous fires” this summer in Spain or in “floods like those in Pakistan”.

The COP27 “is not up to the task”

On the other hand, the spokesperson for the Climate Alliance, Purse Tabernacle, He has indicated that he has the same feeling with COP27 as with the “26 previous summits”, that “it is not up to the challenge”. “The countries do not reach the commitments that are needed to face the crisis and, nevertheless, there is a 25% more representation of oil and gas companies, which is very significant,” he warned.

Likewise, he has stated that something can still be “done” in the face of climate change: “This decade is key. We must move to models without fossil fuels, in a fair and democratic way. “We are at the moment of making the decisions and commitments that we need. We are still in time to stop this,” he concluded.

Likewise, the other spokeswoman for the Climate Alliance, Martina di Paula, has called it “hopeless” to see “how once again it continues without getting anywhere” and “without having political ambition” at COP27. In this sense, she has stressed that “no new treaties will come out” and “those already signed are not being fulfilled.”

In addition to Madrid, mobilizations have been carried out in 16 other Spanish cities within the framework of the global day of action for the climate when the first week of COP27 is fulfilled.

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