Feijóo accuses of “historical irresponsibility” that Sánchez “corrects” the work of the TS with the sedition reform

The President of the People’s Party, Alberto Nunez Feijoo has crossed out “historical irresponsibility“that the head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, “correct” the work of the Supreme Court with the announcement of the reform of the crime of sedition that this Friday is registered in the Congress of Deputies and that will now be called “aggravated public disorder”.

It is a historical irresponsibility to correct the work of the Supreme Court by the hand of the condemned and a great ingenuity because the independence movement never, ever settles “has written the leader of the ‘popular’ via social networks

Feijóo has transferred his regret for being right that Sánchez “He always puts his political interest above that of Spain”after yesterday the President of the Government announced that this new criminal type that will be “more or less comparable” with other European democracies such as Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.

Feijóo has assured that he is convinced that there is a social majority that does not accept “more lies” from this Government nor “more blackmail from the independence movement”, although Sánchez denied that this reform is an ERC requirement to carry out the General Budgets of the State (PGE).

However, the Galician leader has emphasized that the Spaniards have their word to return, together with Spain, “the democratic quality that it deserves”.

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