Who are this week’s nominees?

Last Wednesday, Telecinco broadcast a new gala of nightmare in paradise. As usual, there was an expulsion that on this occasion was Lucía Dominguín. Miguel Bosé’s sister was chosen by the public for only 55% in what has been a very tight duel. Finally, everything has been decided because her expelled asked the audience to vote for her because she considered that her time had come and the contest was beginning to make it uphill.

Lucía was very loved by almost everyone, but one of the contestants who has been hurt the most by this expulsion has been Steisy, who saw her partner say goodbye to the contest in tears. Subsequently, face-to-face nominations followed and for the first time the four new trainees have been able to vote. To the surprise of the public and perhaps even of themselves, the nominees have turned out to be nothing more and nothing less than Dani G and Patricia Steisy.

Those who were inseparable at the beginning of the contest this week face each other again, although this time as nominees. The something more than friendship between the two has cost the girl almost her breakup with her partner, Pablo Pisa. For his part, the former contestant The island of temptations He has resumed the relationship with his ex, Bea Retamal. These contestants find themselves at a time when they can’t even see each other since the girl saw behavior in the Alicante native that she didn’t like at all.

Steisy has been nominated because four of her colleagues have chosen to vote for her. These have been Bea Retamal, Dani himself, Israel Arroyo and Daniela Requena. The Granada believes that it has clearly been a strategy and that the four have agreed for her to come out. Dani G’s nomination occurred because Lucía Dominguín, the expelled one, nominated him directly upon learning what the previous result of the face-to-face nominations had been. So his choice has been him “so that he learns”.

You can choose yourself who will be the next expelled from nightmare in paradise through a free vote in the mitele app. So don’t forget to vote!

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