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easyVEGAN, a provider of natural and tasty alternatives to meat, brings in the investor specializing in regenerative investments Czernin Godulla Sellier on board. With the fresh capital, new sales channels at home and abroad are to be opened up and further growth accelerated.

Since 2019, the Salzburg startup easyVEGAN has been conjuring up frozen lentil burgers, sticks and balls from protein-rich and wholesome lentils. Your purely plant-based, vegan alternative to meat is gluten-, lactose- and palm-oil-free, and also halal and kosher. The founder Cassandra Winter developed the lentil patties in self-experiments when she changed her own diet and wanted a “really good vegan burger”, as she says herself.

Lots of protein, lots of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber spoke for the “good old” lentils from their point of view. “Because the advantages of the lentil were already appreciated by the gladiators in ancient Rome and the legume has only increasingly disappeared from the domestic plates in recent years,” says Winter about the comeback.

The founders of easyVEGAN - Cassandra Winter & Martin Jager
The two easyVegan founders Martin Jager and Cassandra Winter © easyVEGAN

From the food trailer to the shelf

The entrepreneur’s lentil patties tasted so good to her circle of friends that in 2015 she began offering her burger creation with Austria’s first vegan food trailer, the “Vleischöpferl”, at parties, concerts and festivals. Due to the excellent feedback, Winter decided together with your partner Martin Jager to also supply restaurateurs with their lentil products. Since autumn 2020, easyVEGAN has also been available in well-stocked food retailers throughout Austria.

The decisive part of the success of easyVEGAN lies in good taste, which the two founders confirm again and again. At the same time, the feedback from the catering industry shows that the patties are quick and easy to prepare. So that more people can enjoy the easyVEGAN lentil patties, the two founders have now brought a new investor on board, the early-stage financier Czernin Godulla Sellier with Bü

Rosenburger 2.0 vegan, easyVEGAN, Rosenberger service areas, Austria
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ros in Austria in Germany, which specializes in regenerating, value-creating investments.

“It was love at first bite,” says Patrick Sellier, partner at Czernin Godulla Sellier, describing the moment when he tried the lentil burger from easyVEGAN for the first time. “Many vegan products on the market want to imitate meat and are therefore full of highly processed ingredients, stabilizers and other artificial additives. easyVEGAN is simply much better. The patties are one thing above all: delicious! And they are made from only natural ingredients. Because they are sold frozen, easyVEGAN does not contain any preservatives.

Make the world better together

Furthermore, the investor is convinced that “easyVEGAN wants to make the world a little bit better with every bite. We think that’s great. The great founding team, the value system that suits us perfectly and the previous development of easyVEGAN with its delicious products convinced us to invest in easyVEGAN.”

“We and our new investor Czernin Godulla Sellier share the same values ​​and have a very similar vision for this world, a balance of environment, economy and society. Together we want to make the world a better place. With us, every bite,” says Martin Jager, looking forward to the future together.

Growth with a focus on gastronomy in Austria and Germany

The six-figure investment by Czernin Godulla Sellier is primarily intended to promote expansion in the catering trade in Austria and Germany. “The market for vegan alternatives is growing rapidly and purely plant-based nutrition has arrived in mainstream society. However, growing customer awareness is now separating the litter from the wheat. The customers want honest, healthy and natural products without chemicals and powders and they are regionally produced. We see ourselves perfectly positioned for this”, Jager looks to the future with confidence.

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