Blocked emergency doors, water cut off and lack of ventilation: the keys to the eviction of a Halloween party in Seville

  • Thirteen young people had to be treated and two of them transferred to a hospital

  • The emergency doors were closed or had metal fences that prevented the exit of the attendees

  • Proceedings have been opened against the person in charge of the party, a 42-year-old man

Serious breaches of security measures have forced the Seville Local Police to evict a Halloween party for minorsheld in a nightclub in Seville.

According to municipal sources, the site had the locked emergency doors, some of them They were closed and there were metal fences that prevented the exit of the attendees. The high capacity, together with “the insufficient ventilation of the premises” and the fact that “the water was cut off”, caused dehydration, fainting and anxiety attacks among the minors.

Thirteen young people, between 14 and 17 years old, they had to be catered in the vicinity of the Sala Music Sevilla by the 061 emergency services. Two of them were transferred to a hospital.

The agents have instructed proceedings against a 42 year old manin the capacity of imputed not arrested, as responsible for the party. When asked by the agents about the conditions in which the event was taking place, the person in charge reportedly told them: “Somehow I have to earn money”.

Some parents have denounced the situation on social networks and have explained that their children ‘couldn’t breathe’ and that they could not buy drinks either. They have also pointed out that more tickets had been sold than allowed.

The Government delegate of the Seville City Council has reported that it is “a case of very serious irresponsibility. Citizens in general, and fathers and mothers in particular, I ask you to bear in mind the security measures when you go to a party and to report any irregularity you may detect to the Local Police”.

The party started at half past five pm in the Carretera Amarilla Industrial Estate and the eviction, for security reasons, took place after half past eight in the afternoon.

Emergencies Seville has reported that, after the eviction, the Local Police sealed the establishment for “serious” breaches of security measures.

subhuman conditions

The first calls to 092 denouncing the saturation of people inside the room they occurred around half past eight in the afternoon.

Upon arrival at the scene, the agents witnessed an ambulance evacuating a under 14 years old to the Hospital for anxiety attacks, dizziness, loss of verticality and numb limbs.

Inside the room, the Local Police found young people on the ground who were being cared for by other minors. All of them had reddened skin, fatigue, excessive sweating and dizziness, and they complained to the agents about the lack of water for their hydration.

The personnel of the private security device denounced to the agents the “infrahuman conditions” in which those attending the party were found, since the bottles of water had been exhausted, there was no air conditioning system and the water had been cut off. of the toilets.

The agents were able to verify “the feeling of lack of air and heat that the attendees were enduring” and that it produced nausea and exhaustion. “Like inside a sauna”, they recognized, being able to verify how in the toilets there was no water in the taps.

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