The Honduran who murdered a compatriot took a selfie with the corpse

The defiant gesture, the thumbs up in victory and the hands still stained with blood. It is Bryan Izaguirre, a Honduran with a police record in his country, in the “selfie” that was made with the body of his roommate moments after savagely stabbing him to death in the Barcelona town of Premiá de Mar.

The events took place last Saturday in the victim’s apartment, a ground floor apartment in the name of a Honduran citizen named Nelson who had temporarily sheltered the murderer while he was looking for another home. Bryan had asked his compatriot for help, while he was looking for a home to start his new life in Spain.

According to witnesses, that night both had a strong confrontation in the bar that the victim ran, hours later in the house they faced each other again and the Honduran Bryan stabbed his compatriot to death. Moments later, Bryan took a “selfie” with the victim’s body and sent it to his family in Honduras. It was his mother who convinced him to turn himself in to the police.

On Sunday afternoon, Bryan turned himself in at the Los Angeles police station. Mossos d’Esquadra in Mataró and confessed to the assault. The alleged murderer assured that he knew that they were looking for him and had identified him. Right there the Mossos detained him and verified that he washe alleged murderer had recently arrived in Spain. He had a police and judicial record in his country and had even spent time in a prison in Honduras.

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