Equality reveals that Montero’s “soft man” campaign cost more than 2 million

The Ministry of Equality has revealed that the controversial campaign of the softy man promoted by the Department of Irene Montero (United We Can) cost more than two million euros. This is what he says in his written response to a parliamentary question in the Congress who registered in this regard Paul Cambroneroformer Citizens deputy and now in the Mixed Group.

Specifically, Equality points out that this campaign, called man is made and in the one that speaks of the «soft man», it supposed an expense with respect to the «design» of the same that amounted to €292,737.12, taxes included. This assignment was made to the company Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Madrid SAwhich was awarded the file for the “contracting of the service of creativity, design, implementation and production of the plan of campaigns to disseminate co-responsibility between women and men for the effective distribution of care work”.

Likewise, the Ministry of Irene Montero responds to Cambronero in this parliamentary control (the response is dated this friday october 14) that the insertion in the media of the campaign materials has been carried out by the company Media Sapiens Spain SL, which was the firm contracted for the “purchase of space in the media and other advertising media for the dissemination of the institutional advertising campaign called Corresponsables”, alluding to this plan managed by the Secretary of State for Equality and against violence of genre. In this case, the award amount was raised to 1,768,398.39 eurostaxes included.

In this way, both amounts of this campaign of the softy man add up 2,061,135.51 euros. A disbursement that Equality justifies in its parliamentary response with the argument that the objective of this initiative was “to show the evolution of the model of masculinity in the last 40 years, while giving visibility to different models of masculinitiesas well as pointing out the importance of the co-responsibility of women and men in care, all with the aim of promoting men’s commitment to gender equality”, maintains Irene Montero’s department.

Without illusion”

This campaign made headlines a month ago when the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, referred to it to criticize it and portray the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. In his speech at the 25th Interparliamentary Union of the PP held in Toledo, Ayuso stressed that the true “soft man” is the head of the social-communist Executive because despite “having everything under his control”, he is incapable of generating “illusion” in politics .

«When you have all the institutions under your control, when not even the racecourse has been freed, when you have everything under your control… when you have Indra, the CNI, television, the surveysadvertising, propaganda rather… when you have everything under your control and you are not capable of filling absolutely nothing with enthusiasm in politics, who is the soft man? ”, Ayuso emphasized.

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