“We have made very serious mistakes in defence”

Xavi Hernandez has directly pointed to his defense as the culprit of the disappointing tie suffered against Inter de Milan in the Camp Nou. The Barça coach has lamented that the competition is being “cruel” with his team and has recognized that it will be very difficult to avoid elimination because they need an unlikely carom of their results.

Bad Champions

“This Champions League is being cruel to us. It’s true that we conceded a lot in the second half, but the first half was excellent. We have made many mistakes. The first goal is a very clear error in the defensive line and the second too. We deserved more, but this is the Champions League, it’s about defending well too, not just attacking. We do not depend on ourselves and the situation is very difficult. We have to change the chip for the Classic because the Champions League has become very complicated.”

errors in defense

“Football is a game of mistakes and you have to minimize them by defending well and today we didn’t. We went into the break very happy and we should continue on that path, but it hasn’t been like that. Mistakes are expensive in the Champions League. We have made very serious mistakes in defence. The Champions League has really become very difficult and it’s a shame.”

Several matches failing

«We have given everything and people see that we have left our soul, but the mistakes we have made are paid dearly. In Munich there were missed chances, in Milan another circumstance and today it was our defensive mistakes,” he lamented. Xavi on the microphones Movistar Champions League.

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