The lawyer of the accused of burning her ex: “It could have been avoided”

“No one did anything, despite the fact that the Comprehensive Monitoring System in Cases of Gender Violence (VioGén System) warned that the probability of violent recidivism resulting in death for the victim would be multiplied by eight and that it would increase significantly. the probability that the aggressor would inflict very serious or lethal violence on the victim”. He tells it to OKDIARIO Antonio Married Mena, the lawyer of Natalia MR, the defendant who is in provisional prison for the alleged participation in the death of Juan Manuel R., who was her boyfriend since he was 14 years old. Natalia MR denounced Agustín MA, the other suspect, for gender-based violence 53 days before the victim’s charred corpse appeared inside her car on a terrace.

A divorced man, 34 years old, with a daughter. His body was burned in the back seat of his Hyundai, in La Puebla, Cartagena, in the summer of 2021. It was a resident of the area who warned that an SUV was burning on a terrace near his home. It was at 5:40 a.m. on August 22. The flames were devouring him.

From that moment and in view of the statements of the victim’s brothers, as well as the WhatsApp exchanges with him, all suspicions fell on his ex-girlfriend Natalia (just turned 18 years old) and Agustín MA (24 years old) who was also a couple. the girl and the same person he had been convicted twice for sexist violenceby threatening and breaking the restraining order he had on Natalia.

The summary secret was decreed and both suspects were arrested in an apartment in Los Alcázares. The Investigating Court number 3 of Cartagena decreed a reported provisional prison sentence without bail, understanding that there was a flight risktaking into account the seriousness of the facts and that there were indications of having committed the crimes of homicide or murder, illegal detention, threats and damages.

A few days ago, it transpired that the defendant for the crime of which she had been her boyfriend for four years, had filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend (the other defendant) for gender violence. What was not known to date were the details. That complaint was because Agustín had published expressions on a social network such as: «When I see him alone, I kill him; you’re going to ruin me and you’re going to regret it” or “It makes me want to kill you for not being with meI’m going to put a bomb in your car.” The complaint took place 53 days before the victim’s charred corpse appeared inside her car on a terrace.

These threats meant that the Court of San Javier sentenced Agustín, through a final judgment on June 3, 2021, to 40 days of community work for a continued crime of threats, as well as a 300-meter restraining order from Natalia or communicating with her by any means for two years.

It is relevant to highlight that Agustín MA already had a history of gender-based violence and that, barely a month and a half after Natalia’s restraining order was decreed, in August of the same year, she skipped it, which caused the same judge to condemn the subject for a crime of breach of sentence and imposed a sentence of four months in prison, through a sentence of August 19. Barely four days later, the charred corpse of Juan Manuel R.

In addition to these two convictions, there is a very relevant fact that cannot be overlooked and that is that the matter, police speaking, was opened as a “case of special relevance” for the purpose of informing the Judicial Authority and the Public Prosecutor of the following : «In the present case, after carrying out the assessment with the available information, a special combination of indicators has been detected that significantly increases the probability that the aggressor exercises very serious or lethal violence on the victim».

The instructors add that “when the VioGén System generates a case of special relevance, as this one would be, it means that risk factors are observed in it, in different combinations that multiplies by eight the probability of violent recidivism resulting in death for the victim.

The most striking and at the same time surprising is precisely that the death threats were for Juan Manuel (the now deceased) and against Natalia, as evidenced in the report, dealing with identical ideas or plans that haunted Agustín’s head. or similar to what happened that night: desire to burst him, crash the car, bomb the carkidnapping, regularly going to La Puebla (place where the crime was committed)… all of these ideas that lawyer Antonio Casado affirms “only lead to one conclusion: the death of Juan Manuel could have been avoided.”

“She has not been treated as a victim, to the point that the court denies us even her psychosocial assessment. It is a procedure that suffers from invalidity vices from the beginning, it was not even respected that the reconstruction of the events was private, finding people outside the cause there, “adds the lawyer.

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